Now That's A Good Question

Below are Pastor JJ Lim's answers to questions pertaining to faith and practices in response to some queries from members in church.  They are sorted by categories for easy search, just click on the question to read the answers.
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Apologetics How do you explain Proverbs 26:4–5? These two verses seem to be contradictory. 
Apologetics When talking to an unbeliever about Christ, is it necessary to first prove that God exists? 
Apologetics Is it wrong to call the Lord’s Supper the “Holy Communion”? If so, why? 
Apologetics Can you tell us something about Dr Cho Yonggi? 
Apologetics The Straits Times published an article entitled “Historical Accuracy of Bible called into question.” 
Bible Three questions relate to Easter 
Bible How do we explain Hebrews 6:4–6 which appears to suggest that someone who has received God’s grace, may be lost at the end?  
Bible I’ve heard that there are different ways of interpreting the book of Revelation. Could you tell us how we should interpret it? 
Bible Apparent discrepancies of the quotation of Ps 40:6 in Heb 10:5 
Bible Four questions pertain to the King James Version Bible 
Bible When were the Pastoral Epistles written?  
Bible What does Revelation 20:2–3 mean by saying that Satan is bound a thousand years in the bottomless pit?  
Bible What does “all Israel” in Romans 11:26 mean? Does it mean that one day every single Jew will be saved? 
Bible Interpretation of John 1:1 by a Jehovah’s Witness (JW)  
Bible How should we interpret the Song of Solomon? 
Bible Interpretation What does Jesus mean in Matthew 5:20? 
Bible Interpretation The meaning of "bottomless pit" in Rev 20:2–3 
Bible Interpretation Is it right to say that Christ loved the world in His humanity, but love the elect only in His divinity? 
Bible Interpretation How should we explain this apparent contradiction between Gal 6:2 and Gal 6:5? 
Bible Interpretation Is the “rod” in Proverbs 13:24 a literal rod (i.e., like a cane) or should it be taken metaphorically as referring to “discipline” which can take any form? 
Bible Interpretation How can it even be theoretically possible for anyone of us to love our neighbours as ourselves (e.g., Mt 22:39)? 
Bible Interpretation Can you explain the apparent contradiction between Lk 11:23 and Lk 9:50? 
Bible Interpretation When should we regard something in OT as typical, and when should we not? 
Bible Interpretation You mentioned the phrase “there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God” on several occasions. Could you tell us where it comes from? 
Bible Interpretation Reconciling accounts of Christ's resurrection in Matt 28:2, Mk 16:5 and Lk 24:4 
Bible Interpretation Isn’t the nation of Israel a type of the Church, and circumcision a type of baptism or regeneration? 
Bible Interpretation What is the difference between swearing, or making a vow, an oath, a covenant, a promise, a declaration, and assertion, or simply letting our “yea be yea, and nay be nay”? 
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