The flock and the Shepherd together inviting men now to enter the fold
Luther thought the whole of this psalm is Messianic. Paul uses it in Hebrews 3 & 4, as pertaining to the Jews of his day, and in the context of Hebrews 4:7, this psalm is shown to be Christocentric.

Worship ought to be glad and devotional, and an act of willing obeisance. There is to be a bowing of the soul, a bending of the knees of one’s spirit and an opening of the mouth in singing His praise. There is a time to be silent, and a time to speak in worship, and here we are encouraged to tell forth His praise. There is also a warning given which the Jews in the time of Moses, and of Christ, did not heed. And that is a salutary lesson for us to always bear in mind.

Psalm 95

   1  O come, let us sing to the Lord:
         come, let us ev'ry one
      A joyful noise make to the Rock
         of our salvation.

   2  Let us before his presence come
         with praise and thankful voice;
      Let us sing psalms to him with grace,
         and make a joyful noise.

   3  For God, a great God, and great King,
         above all gods he is.
   4  Depths of the earth are in his hand,
         the strength of hills is his.

   5  To him the spacious sea belongs,
         for he the same did make;
      The dry land also from his hands
         its form at first did take.

   6  O come, and let us worship him,
         let us bow down withal,
      And on our knees before the Lord
         our Maker let us fall.

   7  For he's our God, the people we
         of his own pasture are,
      And of his hand the sheep; to-day,
         if ye his voice will hear,

   8  Then harden not your hearts, as in
         the provocation,
      As in the desert, on the day
         of the tentation:

   9  When me your fathers tempted and proved,
         and did my working see;
  10    Ev'n for the space of forty years
           this race hath grieved me.

      I said, This people errs in heart,
         my ways they do not know:
  11  To whom I swore in wrath, that to
         my rest they should not go.

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