The Righteous One, in His day of distress, resting his faith and hope on the character of Jehovah

David, by example, gives us seven inducements to call upon God in our trouble. Because God is great (v. 10); that He is also good (v. 5); One who forgives (v. 5), and His mercy is plenteous (v. 5). Furthermore, He is full of compassion (v. 15); One who is gracious (v. 15), and mercifully long-suffering (v. 15).
Two handmaids of hope accompany these sevenfold inducements. Firstly, that David had experienced a great deliverance in the past (v. 13), and then the certain knowledge that God would answer (v. 7). Thus, He was helped and comforted in God.
David’s afflictions prefigured the trials of Christ, who at all times hoped in God His Father.

Psalm 86

   1  O Lord, do thou bow down thine ear,
         and hear me graciously;
      Because I sore afflicted am,
         and am in poverty.

   2  Because I'm holy, let my soul
         by thee preserved be:
      O thou my God, thy servant save,
         that puts his trust in thee.

   3  Sith unto thee I daily cry,
         be merciful to me.
   4  Rejoice thy servant's soul; for, Lord,
         I lift my soul to thee.

   5  For thou art gracious, O Lord,
         and ready to forgive;
      And rich in mercy, all that call
         upon thee to relieve.

   6  Hear, Lord, my pray'r; unto the voice
         of my request attend:
   7  In troublous times I'll call on thee;
         for thou wilt answer send.

   8  Lord, there is none among the gods
         that may with thee compare;
      And like the works which thou hast done,
         not any work is there.

   9  All nations whom thou mad'st shall come
         and worship rev'rently
      Before thy face; and they, O Lord,
         thy name shall glorify.

  10  Because thou art exceeding great,
         and works by thee are done
      Which are to be admired; and thou
         art God thyself alone.

  11  Teach me thy way, and in thy truth,
         O Lord, then walk will I;
      Unite my heart, that I thy name
         may fear continually.

  12  O Lord my God, with all my heart
         to thee I will give praise;
      And I the glory will ascribe
         unto thy name always:

  13  Because thy mercy toward me
         in greatness doth excel;
      And thou delivered hast my soul
         out from the lowest hell.

  14  O God, the proud against me rise,
         and vi'lent men have met,
      That for my soul have sought; and thee
         before them have not set.

  15  But thou art full of pity, Lord,
         a God most gracious,
      Long-suffering, and in thy truth
         and mercy plenteous.

  16  O turn to me thy countenance,
         and mercy on me have;
      Thy servant strengthen, and the son
         of thine own handmaid save.

  17  Show me a sign for good, that they
         which do me hate may see,
      And be ashamed; because thou, Lord,
         didst help and comfort me.