The Righteous One on His way to the city of the Living God
Though the author of the psalm is unknown, Spurgeon wrote, “It exhales a Davidic perfume.” It describes an overwhelming longing for God’s house. A longing that brought to the verge of fainting, not physically, but an intensity of desire that almost prostrated his spirit.

Although a king, yet he would exchange places with a doorkeeper. He did not think of that as a sacrifice, for he reckoned service in the house of God was superior to the throne. The tents of wickedness were not to be compared with the tent or tabernacle of grace. One day of opening and shutting the doors of God’s house is supremely greater than a thousand days of worldly pursuits. A full day will give a full blessing.

It is a hollow statement to say, ‘I can just as well worship God in my home.’ That sentiment repudiates this psalm, mocks David, disbelieves Scripture, and contradicts the desire that should be in the soul of every regenerate child of God. The tabernacle is the place where the hungry are fed, grace is matured, and God appears as a sun and a shield.

Psalm 84

   1  How lovely is thy dwelling-place,
         O Lord of hosts, to me!
      The tabernacles of thy grace
         how pleasant, Lord, they be!

   2  My thirsty soul longs veh'mently,
         yea faints, thy courts to see:
      My very heart and flesh cry out,
         O living God, for thee.

   3  Behold, the sparrow findeth out
         an house wherein to rest;
      The swallow also for herself
         hath purchased a nest;

      Ev'n thine own altars, where she safe
         her young ones forth may bring,
      O thou almighty Lord of hosts,
         who art my God and King.

   4  Blessed are they in thy house that dwell,
         they ever give thee praise.
   5  Blessed is the man whose strength thou art,
         in whose heart are thy ways:

   6  Who passing thorough Baca's vale,
         therein do dig up wells;
      Also the rain that falleth down
         the pools with water fills.

   7  So they from strength unwearied go
         still forward unto strength,
      Until in Zion they appear
         before the Lord at length.

   8  Lord God of hosts, my prayer hear;
         O Jacob's God, give ear.
   9  See God our shield, look on the face
         of thine anointed dear.

  10  For in thy courts one day excels
         a thousand; rather in
      My God's house will I keep a door,
         than dwell in tents of sin.

  11  For God the Lord's a sun and shield:
         he'll grace and glory give;
      And will withhold no good from them
         that uprightly do live.

  12  O thou that art the Lord of hosts,
         that man is truly blest,
      Who by assured confidence
         on thee alone doth rest.

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