Song to the Mighty One, who is the fear of Israel and of Earth 

The title of this psalm indicates that it contains a declaration of God’s majesty in the church. But the majesty that is spoken of is personified in the Lord Jesus Christ. He was known in Judah, and His Name is great in Israel. Jerusalem not only knew the presence of the Ark, but Christ tabernacled there in human flesh, and the church is His dwelling place. The tabernacle of God is with man, by a Man. 

Christ is described as more glorious than all the princes and kings of the earth. He is more glorious in power, wisdom, righteousness and truth. He shall be the receiver of presents from the kings of the earth, as confirmed by Psalm 72:10 and Psalm 68:29. To the Lord Jesus Christ belongs the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Psalm 76

   1  In Judah's land God is well known,
         his name's in Isr'el great:
   2  In Salem is his tabernacle,
         in Zion is his seat.

   3  There arrows of the bow he brake,
         the shield, the sword, the war.
   4  More glorious thou than hills of prey,
         more excellent art far.

   5  Those that were stout of heart are spoiled,
         they slept their sleep outright;
      And none of those their hands did find,
         that were the men of might.

   6  When thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,
         had forth against them past,
      Their horses and their chariots both
         were in a dead sleep cast.

   7  Thou, Lord, ev'n thou art he that should
         be feared; and who is he
      That may stand up before thy sight,
         if once thou angry be?

   8  From heav'n thou judgment caused be heard;
         the earth was still with fear,
   9  When God to judgment rose, to save
         all meek on earth that were.

  10  Surely the very wrath of man
         unto thy praise redounds:
      Thou to the remnant of his wrath
         wilt set restraining bounds.

  11  Vow to the Lord your God, and pay:
         all ye that near him be,
      Bring gifts and presents unto him;
         for to be feared is he.

  12  By him the sp'rits shall be cut off
         of those that princes are:
      Unto the kings that are on earth
         he fearful doth appear.

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