Our Joseph and His seed forseeing the doom of the archers that have shot at them

In this psalm David bemoans the conniving and intrigues of the wicked. It was not the swords and weapons of enemy nations that he was afraid of, but the barbs and vicious strokes of tongues and schemings of those who surrounded him. His enemies were not random in their ungodly attacks upon him, but their plans and purposes were thoroughly researched and worked out. Their thoughts and hearts were deep, their artifices profound and their hearts desperately wicked.

But the bow and arrows of God are greater. Whilst their bitter words were as arrows shot at David, God only needed one arrow, and the wound would be fatal. The tables are turned, God Himself attacks them. Onlookers, whether participators or not, on seeing this wickedness exposed, distanced themselves and feared the Lord.

The providence of God will uncover all the plots of schemers. At such times let us look to Him for preservation, for men shall say all manner of things against us for His Name’s sake. The psalm can be applied to the Lord Jesus, for this was His experience. His person was defamed, but His detractors were defeated.

Psalm 64

   1  When I to thee my prayer make,
         Lord, to my voice give ear;
      My life save from the enemy,
         of whom I stand in fear.

   2  Me from their secret counsel hide
         who do live wickedly;
      From insurrection of those men
         that work iniquity:

   3  Who do their tongues with malice whet,
         and make them cut like swords;
      In whose bent bows are arrows set,
         ev'n sharp and bitter words:

   4  That they may at the perfect man
         in secret aim their shot;
      Yea, suddenly they dare at him
         to shoot, and fear it not.

   5  In ill encourage they themselves,
         and their snares close do lay:
      Together conference they have;
         Who shall them see? they say.

   6  They have searched out iniquities,
         a perfect search they keep:
      Of each of them the inward thought,
         and very heart, is deep.

   7  God shall an arrow shoot at them,
         and wound them suddenly:
   8  So their own tongue shall them confound;
         all who them see shall fly.

   9  And on all men a fear shall fall,
         God's works they shall declare;
      For they shall wisely notice take
         what these his doings are.

  10  In God the righteous shall rejoice,
         and trust upon his might;
      Yea, they shall greatly glory all
         in heart that are upright.

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