The Comfortless Couch of the Righteous One

This is the first of seven psalms, which are called the Penitential psalms. The others are: 32, 38, 51, 102, 130 and 143. It seems that David was in the middle of some great bodily distress or illness, as well as being plagued by attacks from his enemies. There is no mention of sin on his part, but a realisation that it is God’s chastening he is experiencing. And it is in the throes of such an experience that he is convicted that God would answer his prayer for deliverance. Twice, in vv. 8 & 9, he declares, “The Lord hath heard.” He knew assuredly that God had received his prayer. This gives us a further lesson in learning how to pray, by coming to a solid persuasion that God has heard, and will answer.

Psalm 6 - First Version

   1  Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not;
      Nor in thy hot rage chasten me.
   2  Lord, pity me, for I am weak:
      Heal me, for my bones vexed be.

   3  My soul is also vexed sore;
      But, Lord, how long stay wilt thou make
   4  Return, O Lord, my soul set free;
      O save me, for thy mercies' sake.

   5  Because those that deceased are
      Of thee shall no remembrance have;
      And who is he that will to thee
      Give praises lying in the grave?

   6  I with my groaning weary am,
      I also all the night my bed
      Have caused for to swim; and I
      With tears my couch have watered.

   7  Mine eye, consumed with grief, grows old,
      Because of all mine enemies.
   8  Hence from me, wicked workers all;
      For God hath heard my weeping cries.

   9  God hath my supplication heard,
      My pray'r received graciously
  10  Shamed and sore vexed be all my foes,
      Shamed and back turned suddenly.