The Righteous One’s appeal against apostate Israel, to the Lord’s might and mercy

David, as a son-in-law, is the subject of Saul’s jealousy and malice. His own home is not secure, but constantly watched by spies and conspirators as the title informs us. This vendetta was pursued, not because David had sinned or done wickedly, for indeed he protests his innocence. Things were said of him slanderously and subtly in order to defame him. The enemy, who was of the same nation and even family, had swords in their lips, stabbing, wounding, and destroying his character.

How grieving it is when men do not speak frankly and honestly, even in the church. It is best at such times to be wise in our reactions and avoid their intrigue, and betake ourselves to God as David did. He looked to God as his defence, and called Him, “The God of my mercy.” If the backbiters are strong and belch out their lies, God is stronger and will put them to confusion.

It is reminiscent of our Lord’s experience, of which we are told that the Pharisees, “watched Him,” and sought to kill Him.

Psalm 59

   1  My God, deliver me from those
         that are mine enemies;
      And do thou me defend from those
         that up against me rise.

   2  Do thou deliver me from them
         that work iniquity;
      And give me safety from the men
         of bloody cruelty.

   3  For, lo, they for my soul lay wait:
         the mighty do combine
      Against me, Lord; not for my fault,
         nor any sin of mine.

   4  They run, and, without fault in me,
         themselves do ready make:
      Awake to meet me with thy help;
         and do thou notice take.

   5  Awake therefore, Lord God of hosts,
         thou God of Israel,
      To visit heathen all: spare none
         that wickedly rebel.

   6  At ev'ning they go to and fro;
         they make great noise and sound,
      Like to a dog, and often walk
         about the city round.

   7  Behold, they belch out with their mouth,
         and in their lips are swords:
      For they do say thus, Who is he
         that now doth hear our words?

   8  But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them,
         and all the heathen mock.
   9  While he's in pow'r I'll wait on thee;
         for God is my high rock.

  10  He of my mercy that is God
         betimes shall me prevent;
      Upon mine en'mies God shall let
         me see mine heart's content.

  11  Them slay not, lest my folk forget;
         but scatter them abroad
      By thy strong pow'r; and bring them down,
         O thou our shield and God.

  12  For their mouth's sin, and for the words
         that from their lips do fly,
      Let them be taken in their pride;
         because they curse and lie.

  13  In wrath consume them, them consume,
         that so they may not be:
      And that in Jacob God doth rule
         to th' earth's ends let them see.

  14  At ev'ning let thou them return,
         making great noise and sound,
      Like to a dog, and often walk
         about the city round.

  15  And let them wander up and down,
         in seeking food to eat;
      And let them grudge when they shall not
         be satisfied with meat.

  16  But of thy pow'r I'll sing aloud;
         at morn thy mercy praise:
      For thou to me my refuge wast,
         and tow'r, in troublous days.

  17  O God, thou art my strength, I will
         sing praises unto thee;
      For God is my defense, a God
         of mercy unto me.

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