The Righteous One’s help found in the Lord’s name

Christians have been betrayed in all ages. Even our Lord was betrayed as to His whereabouts by Judas. David was in hiding from Saul, but the Ziphims divulged the knowledge to the king that he was in their region. In fact, they reported twice on his whereabouts, but David was able to make his escape. 

David does not attribute his deliverance to his own ingenuity or bravery, but freely acknowledges that the Lord was his helper and deliverer. It is always a cause of praise when God comes to our aid. But the psalm can also reflect the experience of the Lord Jesus, who would not only see the travail of His soul, but God’s desire or judgment upon His enemies. 

Psalm 54

   1  Save me, O God, by thy great name,
         and judge me by thy strength:
   2  My prayer hear, O God; give ear
         unto my words at length.

   3  For they that strangers are to me
         do up against me rise;
      Oppressors seek my soul, and God
         set not before their eyes.

   4  The Lord my God my helper is,
         lo, therefore I am bold:
      He taketh part with ev'ry one
         that doth my soul uphold.

   5  Unto mine enemies he shall
         mischief and ill repay:
      O for thy truth's sake cut them off,
         and sweep them clean away.

   6  I will a sacrifice to thee
         give with free willingness;
      Thy name, O Lord, because 'tis good,
         with praise I will confess.

   7  For he hath me delivered
         from all adversities;
      And his desire mine eye hath seen
         upon mine enemies.

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