The Righteous One’s view of earth, and the victory of God’s people

This psalm is virtually a twin to Psalm 14, and Paul uses the both in Romans 3. It shows the degraded and insensible condition of the natural man. He is without understanding, knowledge or goodness, and commits abominable iniquity. The greatest iniquity of course, is to deny the existence of the true God. Even if the mouth does not say it, the heart says, ‘there is no God.’

Such a state provides a ready breeding ground for hatred, and especially against God’s people. Antipathy and rejection towards the truth that there is a living God, will naturally find expression against those who claim to be His followers. Such malice can have menacing and frightful intentions and realisations, as seen in the expression in v. 4, “They eat up my people as they eat bread.” Such vindictiveness naturally inculcates great fear in the breasts of the saints (v.5), but often is an unnecessary fear, for God is able to scatter the enemy. 

Salvation is of the Lord, and comes out of Zion. David looks for the great Deliverer, the Lord Jesus, to come out from thence. But He can also come in deliverances at every exigency in the church’s history. We have great cause to rejoice.

Psalm 53

   1  That there is not a God, the fool
         doth in his heart conclude:
      They are corrupt, their works are vile,
         not one of them doth good.

   2  The Lord upon the sons of men
         from heav'n did cast his eyes,
      To see if any one there was
         that sought God, and was wise.

   3  They altogether filthy are,
         they all are backward gone;
      And there is none that doeth good,
         no, not so much as one.

   4  These workers of iniquity,
         do they not know at all,
      That they my people eat as bread,
         and on God do not call?

   5  Ev'n there they were afraid, and stood
         with trembling, all dismayed,
      Whereas there was no cause at all
         why they should be afraid:

      For God his bones that thee besieged
         hath scattered all abroad;
      Thou hast confounded them, for they
         despised are of God.

   6  Let Isr'el's help from Zion come:
         when back the Lord shall bring
      His captives, Jacob shall rejoice,
         and Israel shall sing.

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