The hope of the Righteous One when everywhere spoken against Doeg, the Edomite, sought the hurt and destroyal of David by reporting maliciously to Saul of David’s whereabouts. 

There is a contrast here of the wicked man who trusts in self, his connections, and his riches – with the righteous one whose trust is in the mercy of God. 

The emphasis upon the tongue that devises mischief and deceit, reminds of James’ treatment of it in his epistle. To tell lies, to carry tales, to ruin other people’s characters by false reports, show how powerful the little member is. David, in the face of these defamatory attacks, would use his tongue to praise the Lord (v. 9). This is its true vocation; it is sin that has altered its use. As Christians, our conversation should be seasoned with all grace, rather than laced with arsenic. 

Psalm 52

   1  Why dost thou boast, O mighty man,
         of mischief and of ill?
      The goodness of Almighty God
         endureth ever still.

   2  Thy tongue mischievous calumnies
         deviseth subtilely,
      Like to a razor sharp to cut,
         working deceitfully.

   3  Ill more than good, and more than truth
         thou lovest to speak wrong:
   4  Thou lovest all-devouring words,
         O thou deceitful tongue.

   5  So God shall thee destroy for aye,
         remove thee, pluck thee out
      Quite from thy house, out of the land
         of life he shall thee root.

   6  The righteous shall it see, and fear,
         and laugh at him they shall:
   7   Lo, this the man is that did not
         make God his strength at all:

      But he in his abundant wealth
         his confidence did place;
      And he took strength unto himself
         from his own wickedness.

   8  But I am in the house of God
         like to an olive green:
      My confidence for ever hath
         upon God's mercy been.

   9  And I for ever will thee praise,
         because thou hast done this:
      I on thy name will wait; for good
         before thy saints it is.

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