The Righteous One’s claiming his right to full refreshment

This could easily be part of Psalm 42, such is the sympathy of content. He expresses for the third time his soul’s disquiet, but there is more buoyancy and elevation of his spirit in this psalm. His perception of the answer to his condition is not clouded by his problems, but he clearly prays for what he needs. Often our circumstances distort our view, and we concentrate within and upon ourselves. 

David is more positive and looked outside himself, for he needed light and truth for his guidance, and to motivate him to the house of God. How often we stall under moods and clouds and say, I can’t go to church in this condition. With God’s light and truth he could go to God’s altar, the centre of worship. His spirit of heaviness would be changed to a spirit of praise.

Christ, of course, is the centre of worship. He is the altar, and He is light and truth. Without Him, we can do nothing. With Him, the health of our countenance will improve, because hope will be realised and joy restored. 

Psalm 43

   1  Judge me, O God, and plead my cause
         against th' ungodly nation;
      From the unjust and crafty man,
         O be thou my salvation.

   2  For thou the God art of my strength;
         why thrusts thou me thee fro'?
      For th' enemy's oppression
         why do I mourning go?

   3  O send thy light forth and thy truth;
         let them be guides to me,
      And bring me to thine holy hill,
         ev'n where thy dwellings be.

   4  Then will I to God's altar go,
         to God my chiefest joy:
      Yea, God, my God, thy name to praise
         my harp I will employ.

   5  Why art thou then cast down, my soul?
         what should discourage thee?
      And why with vexing thoughts art thou
         disquieted in me?

      Still trust in God; for him to praise
         good cause I yet shall have:
      He of my count'nance is the health,
         my God that doth me save.