The Confidence of the Righteous in the Lord’s Mercy

David is confident in prayer, because his eye of faith looks to God. Though a king, yet even he expresses the need to be led, shown, and taught in the truth and ways of God. He realises that a godly fear and worshipful awe of God will bring him into the secret of the Lord. The word, ‘secret,’ means a ‘close counsel,’ or an ‘intimacy of fellowship.’ From such intimacy will be unveiled further insights of the mysteries of the kingdom, and the truths of the covenant. But it would also entail the divulging of the secrets of His providence, which can be imparted in a special way. As a consequence of this awareness, David ends by the confession of sin and with a determination to be upright. He vows to wait upon the Lord, not passively, but actively.

Psalm 25 - Second Version

   1  To thee I lift my soul, O Lord:
   2     My God, I trust in thee:
      Let me not be ashamed; let not
         my foes triumph o'er me.

   3  Yea, let thou none ashamed be
         that do on thee attend:
      Ashamed let them be, O Lord,
         who without cause offend.

   4  Thy ways, Lord, show; teach me thy paths:
   5     Lead me in truth, teach me:
      For of my safety thou art God;
         all day I wait on thee.

   6  Thy mercies, that most tender are,
         do thou, O Lord, remember,
      And loving-kindnesses; for they
         have been of old for ever.

   7  Let not the errors of my youth,
         nor sins, remembered be:
      In mercy, for thy goodness' sake,
         O Lord, remember me.

   8  The Lord is good and gracious,
         he upright is also:
      He therefore sinners will instruct
         in ways that they should go.

   9  The meek and lowly he will guide
         in judgment just alway:
      To meek and poor afflicted ones
         he'll clearly teach his way.

  10  The whole paths of the Lord our God
         are truth and mercy sure,
      To such as keep his covenant,
         and testimonies pure.

  11  Now, for thine own name's sake, O Lord,
         I humbly thee entreat
      To pardon mine iniquity;
         for it is very great.

  12  What man fears God? him shall he teach
         the way that he shall choose.
  13  His soul shall dwell at ease; his seed
         the earth, as heirs, shall use.

  14  The secret of the Lord is with
         such as do fear his name;
      And he his holy covenant
         will manifest to them.

  15  Towards the Lord my waiting eyes
         continually are set;
      For he it is that shall bring forth
         my feet out of the net.

  16  O turn thee unto me, O God,
         have mercy me upon;
      Because I solitary am,
         and in affliction.

  17  Enlarged the griefs are of mine heart;
         me from distress relieve.
  18  See mine affliction and my pain,
         and all my sins forgive.

  19  Consider thou mine enemies,
         because they many are;
      And it a cruel hatred is
         which they against me bear.

  20  O do thou keep my soul; O God,
         do thou deliver me:
      Let me not be ashamed; for I
         do put my trust in thee.

  21  O let integrity and truth
         keep me, who thee attend.
  22  Redemption, Lord, to Israel
         from all his troubles send.

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