The Path of the Righteous to the Throne of Glory

The tone of the psalm shows that God’s rule and kingdom have a moral foundation and government. There is only One who fulfils the righteous requirements and moral character to enter into such a holy environment. Indeed, the end of the psalm shows the ascension and reception of the Lord Jesus into that glory. Heaven’s portals swing wide to receive Him. 

But there is a generation, an elect and peculiar people, who seek Him and the righteousness He imputes and imparts. They too, because of His work in them, shall ascend into the holy hill, and even now have an earnest of it in their reception into Zion below. We are, therefore, to strive to be holy as He is holy, and prove that moral government in our lives. 

Psalm 24

   1  The earth belongs unto the Lord,
         and all that it contains;
      The world that is inhabited,
         and all that there remains.

   2  For the foundations thereof
         he on the seas did lay,
      And he hath it established
         upon the floods to stay.

   3  Who is the man that shall ascend
         into the hill of God?
      Or who within his holy place
         shall have a firm abode?

   4  Whose hands are clean, whose heart is pure,
         and unto vanity
      Who hath not lifted up his soul,
         nor sworn deceitfully.

   5  He from th' Eternal shall receive
         the blessing him upon,
      And righteousness, ev'n from the God
         of his salvation.

   6  This is the generation
         that after him enquire,
      O Jacob, who do seek thy face
         with their whole heart's desire.

   7  Ye gates, lift up your heads on high;
         ye doors that last for aye,
      Be lifted up, that so the King
         of glory enter may.

   8  But who of glory is the King?
         The mighty Lord is this;
      Ev'n that same Lord, that great in might
         and strong in battle is.

   9  Ye gates, lift up your heads; ye doors,
         doors that do last for aye,
      Be lifted up, that so the King
         of glory enter may.

  10  But who is he that is the King
         of glory? who is this?
      The Lord of hosts, and none but he,
         the King of glory is.

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