The Righteous One’s Satisfaction with His Lot
This is a Michtam or golden psalm, of which there are five others. The title has a sense of being precious or pre-eminent. The resurrection is clearly taught in the Old Testament, and this psalm is one of the evidences. Although David penned it, and certainly anticipated his own resurrection, yet there is only one voice in the whole of the psalm, and it must be Christ’s. The reason being, is that both Peter (Acts 2:25-31), and Paul (Acts 13:35-37), used this psalm as prophetic of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. 

The harmony of Scripture is amazing, and it gives us the confidence that because Christ lives, we shall live also. He is the first fruit, and therefore there shall be a great harvest. Surely, with Christ, our lines are fallen in pleasant places. 

Psalm 16

   1  Lord, keep me; for I trust in thee.
   2     To God thus was my speech,
      Thou art my Lord; and unto thee
         my goodness doth not reach:

   3  To saints on earth, to th' excellent,
         where my delight's all placed.
   4  Their sorrows shall be multiplied
         to other gods that haste:

      Of their drink-offerings of blood
         I will no off'ring make;
      Yea, neither I their very names
         up in my lips will take.

   5  God is of mine inheritance
         and cup the portion;
      The lot that fallen is to me
         thou dost maintain alone.

   6  Unto me happily the lines
         in pleasant places fell;
      Yea, the inheritance I got
         in beauty doth excel.

   7  I bless the Lord, because he doth
         by counsel me conduct;
      And in the seasons of the night
         my reins do me instruct.

   8  Before me still the Lord I set:
         since it is so that he
      Doth ever stand at my right hand,
         I shall not moved be.

   9  Because of this my heart is glad,
         and joy shall be expressed
      Ev'n by my glory; and my flesh
         in confidence shall rest.

  10  Because my soul in grave to dwell
         shall not be left by thee;
      Nor wilt thou give thine Holy One
         corruption to see.

  11  Thou wilt me show the path of life:
         of joys there is full store
      Before thy face; at thy right hand
         are pleasures evermore.