Call upon the universe at large to praise Jehovah with heart and soul, and mind and might! 

The conclusion befits the total. The psalmist exhorts and stimulates his readers and singers thirteen times, to volunteer praise. Seven instruments were to be employed, but there is a greater instrument to be used, even the breath of the worshippers. Gospel days are envisaged, for every one that hath breath shall praise the Lord. The tongue is the greater instrument, and was created for eternal employment in rendering worship and praise. Awake then, my tongue, and praise Him for His greatness; praise Him for His mighty acts, the mightiest of which is His so great salvation, effected through the Lord Jesus Christ. This psalm sums up the whole of the Psalter. It lifts up the souls of saints from their troubles, defeats, enemies and wickedness, to extol the only true and living God.

Psalm 150

   1  Praise ye the Lord. God's praise within
         his sanctuary raise;
      And to him in the firmament
         of his pow'r give ye praise.

   2  Because of all his mighty acts,
         with praise him magnify:
      O praise him, as he doth excel
         in glorious majesty.

   3  Praise him with trumpet's sound; his praise
         with psaltery advance:
   4  With timbrel, harp, stringed instruments,
         and organs, in the dance.

   5  Praise him on cymbals loud; him praise
         on cymbals sounding high.
   6  Let each thing breathing praise the Lord.
         Praise to the Lord give ye.

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