The Dweller in the Holy Hill of God
The question posed is addressed to God. David, on contemplating who God is and the holiness and glory of His dwelling place, is querying the unfitness of man to abide there. Strictly speaking, there is only one Man who could dwell in such holy splendour, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. The question is reminiscent of Ps.24:3, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord or who shall stand in his holy place?” There is only One who has the moral qualifications to do so. Mankind is disqualified from such a holy habitation. 

The answer reveals that there is a people who, because they are justified through Christ and sanctified by Him, prove by their walk and character that they are citizens of God’s spiritual Jerusalem. Although a short psalm, if we could only implement its principles individually and as churches, then what model citizens we would be, both in the temporal and the spiritual. Good citizens for God will be good citizens for their country.

Psalm 15

   1  Within thy tabernacle, Lord,
         who shall abide with thee?
      And in thy high and holy hill
         who shall a dweller be?

   2  The man that walketh uprightly,
         and worketh righteousness,
      And as he thinketh in his heart,
         so doth he truth express.

   3  Who doth not slander with his tongue,
         nor to his friend doth hurt;
      Nor yet against his neighbor doth
         take up an ill report.

   4  In whose eyes vile men are despised;
         but those that God do fear
      He honoureth; and changeth not,
         though to his hurt he swear.

   5  His coin puts not to usury,
         nor take reward will he
      Against the guiltless. Who doth thus
         shall never moved be.