Israel’s rapturous burst of adoration to Him who makes them a people near to Him 

The upper world and the lower; elements and animals; young and old; kings and congregations, are called upon to celebrate with a great admission and concert of praise. As such, it prophetically speaks about the days of the Messiah, and the ultimate acknowledgment by all of His glory. 

Those who are His people, His saints, His children and a people near Him, will be strengthened and declare His fame. Those who have this praise in their mouths are, “A people near unto Him.” They are made nigh by the blood of Christ, and brought into union with Him, and become members of His body of whom He is the Head. No wonder it is that He is the praise of all His saints.

Psalm 148 - Second Version

  1  The Lord of heav'n confess,
     On high his glory raise.
  2  Him let all angels bless,
     Him all his armies praise.
  3       Him glorify
          Sun, moon, and stars;
  4       Ye higher spheres,
          And cloudy sky.

  5  From God your beings are,
     Him therefore famous make;
     You all created were,
     When he the word but spake.
  6       And from that place,
          Where fixed you be
          By his decree,
          You cannot pass.

  7  Praise God from earth below,
     Ye dragons, and ye deeps:
  8  Fire, hail, clouds, wind, and snow.
     Whom in command he keeps.
  9       Praise ye his name,
          Hills great and small,
          Trees low and tall;
 10       Beasts wild and tame;

     All things that creep or fly.
 11  Ye kings, ye vulgar throng,
     All princes mean or high;
 12  Both men and virgins young,
          Ev'n young and old,
 13       Exalt his name;
          For much his fame
          Should be extolled.

     O let God's name be praised
     Above both earth and sky;
 14  For he his saints hath raised,
     And set their horn on high;
          Ev'n those that be
          Of Isr'el's race,
          Near to his grace.
          The Lord praise ye.