Israel’s rapturous burst of adoration to Him who makes them a people near to Him 

The upper world and the lower; elements and animals; young and old; kings and congregations, are called upon to celebrate with a great admission and concert of praise. As such, it prophetically speaks about the days of the Messiah, and the ultimate acknowledgment by all of His glory. 

Those who are His people, His saints, His children and a people near Him, will be strengthened and declare His fame. Those who have this praise in their mouths are, “A people near unto Him.” They are made nigh by the blood of Christ, and brought into union with Him, and become members of His body of whom He is the Head. No wonder it is that He is the praise of all His saints.

Psalm 148 - First  Version

  1  Praise God. From heavens praise the Lord,
        in heights praise to him be.
  2  All ye his angels, praise ye him;
        his hosts all, praise him ye.

  3  O praise ye him, both sun and moon,
        praise him, all stars of light.
  4  Ye heav'ns of heav'ns him praise, and floods
        above the heavens' height.

  5  Let all the creatures praise the name
        of our almighty Lord:
     For he commanded, and they were
        created by his word.

  6  He also, for all times to come,
        hath them established sure;
     He hath appointed them a law,
        which ever shall endure.

  7  Praise ye Jehovah from the earth,
        dragons, and ev'ry deep:
  8  Fire, hail, snow, vapor, stormy wind,
        his word that fully keep.

  9  All hills and mountains, fruitful trees,
        and all ye cedars high:
 10  Beasts, and all cattle, creeping things,
        and all ye birds that fly.

 11  Kings of the earth, all nations,
        princes, earth's judges all:
 12  Both young men, yea, and maidens too,
        old men, and children small.

 13  Let them God's name praise; for his name
        alone is excellent:
     His glory reacheth far above
        the earth and firmament.

 14  His people's horn, the praise of all
        his saints, exalteth he;
     Ev'n Isr'el's seed, a people near
        to him. The Lord praise ye.