Rapturous praise, in contrasting all Earth’s great ones with Jehovah the King

This, and the remaining psalms, begin and end with “Hallelujah”. Surely a fitting way to end the Psalter, and is reminiscent of the Book of Revelation, “Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” 

The writer counsels us of the futility of dependence on men. Whatever station or status they hold in life, their existence and thoughts are fallible and earthbound. Our blessedness and hope consists in knowing and loving Jacob’s God. He is the only One to trust in, and the One whom he has set forth to be a Saviour. Christ looses the prisoner, gives sight to the spiritually blind and exalts the humble and meek. Widows and orphans come under His protection, as the widows of Zarephath and of Nain experienced. 

We have much to praise Him for; so let our ‘Hosannas’ ascend while we have breath.

Psalm 146

 1  Praise God. The Lord praise, O my soul.
 2     I'll praise God while I live;
    While I have being to my God
       in songs I'll praises give.

 3  Trust not in princes, nor man's son,
       in whom there is no stay:
 4  His breath departs, to's earth he turns;
       that day his thoughts decay.

 5  O happy is that man and blest,
       whom Jacob's God doth aid;
    Whose hope upon the Lord doth rest,
       and on his God is stayed:

 6  Who made the earth and heavens high,
       who made the swelling deep,
    And all that is within the same;
       who truth doth ever keep:

 7  Who righteous judgment executes
       for those oppressed that be,
    Who to the hungry giveth food;
       God sets the pris'ners free.

 8  The Lord doth give the blind their sight,
       the bowed down doth raise:
    The Lord doth dearly love all those
       that walk in upright ways.

 9  The stranger's shield, the widow's stay,
       the orphan's help, is he:
    But yet by him the wicked's way
       turned upside down shall be.

10  The Lord shall reign for evermore:
       thy God, O Zion, he
    Reigns to all generations.
       Praise to the Lord give ye.

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