A praise-hymn concerning the kingdom of the Lord, and the Lord the King 

Praise resounds through this song from beginning to end, and in this respect it brings us near to the environment of Heaven. The greatness, graciousness, righteousness and goodness of God are extolled. God’s provision, preservation and providence are rejoiced in, and His government and kingdom take on eternal properties. 

Both spiritual and temporal truths are listed. The Universality of dependence is taught (v. 15), as well as the Infinitude of divine resources (v. 16). We also see the Timelessness of provision (v. 15), with the Grace of that provision (v. 16), “Thou openest thine Hand.” David also writes of the Sufficiency of the supply (v. 16), “Thou satisfiest.” 

If only we would trust and open our eyes to Him, He will open His Hand to us. Even dumb beggars can speak with their eyes. In olden days in Scotland, each home had a meal barrel. A young Scots boy, when hungry, always saw food provided when his mother prayed. He told her, ‘God hears you when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.’

Psalm 145 - Second Version

  1  O Lord, thou art my God and King;
        Thee will I magnify and praise:
     I will thee bless, and gladly sing
        Unto thy holy name always.

  2  Each day I rise I will thee bless,
        And praise thy name time without end.
  3  Much to be praised, and great God is;
        His greatness none can comprehend.

  4  Race shall thy works praise unto race,
        The mighty acts show done by thee.
  5  I will speak of the glorious grace,
        And honor of thy majesty;

     Thy wondrous works I will record.
  6     By men the might shall be extolled
     Of all thy dreadful acts, O Lord:
        And I thy greatness will unfold.

  7  They utter shall abundantly
        The mem'ry of thy goodness great;
     And shall sing praises cheerfully,
        Whilst they thy righteousness relate.

  8  The Lord our God is gracious,
        Compassionate is he also;
     In mercy he is plenteous,
        But unto wrath and anger slow.

  9  Good unto all men is the Lord:
        O'er all his works his mercy is.
 10  Thy works all praise to thee afford:
        Thy saints, O Lord, thy name shall bless.

 11  The glory of thy kingdom show
        Shall they, and of thy power tell:
 12  That so men's sons his deeds may know,
        His kingdom's grace that doth excel.

 13  Thy kingdom hath none end at all,
        It doth through ages all remain.
 14  The Lord upholdeth all that fall,
        The cast-down raiseth up again.

 15  The eyes of all things, Lord, attend,
        And on thee wait that here do live,
     And thou, in season due, dost send
        Sufficient food them to relieve.

 16  Yea, thou thine hand dost open wide,
        And ev'ry thing dost satisfy
     That lives, and doth on earth abide,
        Of thy great liberality.

 17  The Lord is just in his ways all,
        And holy in his works each one.
 18  He's near to all that on him call,
        Who call in truth on him alone.

 19  God will the just desire fulfill
        Of such as do him fear and dread:
     Their cry regard, and hear he will,
        And save them in the time of need.

 20  The Lord preserves all, more and less,
        That bear to him a loving heart:
     But workers all of wickedness
        Destroy will he, and clean subvert.

 21  Therefore my mouth and lips I'll frame
        To speak the praises of the Lord:
     To magnify his holy name
        For ever let all flesh accord.