The cave-thoughts of David, and of David’s Son, for all in extremity 

David accounted his experience in the cave as a prison. Whether it was the cave of Adullam, or in the cave of Engedi, both occasions found him as a fugitive. Though overwhelmed with his circumstances, he still sought the Lord for help. 

There was none other to care for his state, and by this the plight of the Lord Jesus is prophetically highlighted: “And I looked and there was none to help, and there was none to uphold” (Isa.63:5). But he looked to the bounty of God, and the outcome for both David and Christ would be that the righteous would flock to them. And so it came to pass.

Psalm 142

 1  I with my voice cried to the Lord,
       with it made my request:
 2  Poured out to him my plaint, to him
       my trouble I expressed.

 3  When in me was o'erwhelmed my sp'rit,
       then well thou knew'st my way;
    Where I did walk a snare for me
       they privily did lay.

 4  I looked on my right hand, and viewed,
       but none to know me were;
    All refuge failed me, no man
       did for my soul take care.

 5  I cried to thee; I said, Thou art
       my refuge, Lord, alone;
    And in the land of those that live
       thou art my portion.

 6  Because I am brought very low,
       attend unto my cry:
    Me from my persecutors save,
       who stronger are than I.

 7  From prison bring my soul, that I
       thy name may glorify:
    The just shall compass me, when thou
       with me deal'st bounteously.

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