The peculiar people’s song of praise, as they adore the excellency of their sovereign God 

The psalm begins and ends with ‘Hallelujah,’ and that sets the tone for it. Worship in the temple opens this song, and the worshippers are exhorted to magnify the Lord. Ten times in the first six verses, God’s Name is used as the object of praise. He is addressed as ‘Jah,’ the Lord most vehement, the sacred Name, three times; Jehovah, the self-existent, eternal One, six times, and Elohim, the supreme God, once. These Names and the glorious Being they describe parade across the vision of the writer. 

Such a One is to be blest because of His greatness above all other gods. They are but products of man’s vain imagination, lifeless and useless. A man will become like his god, and to worship his own creation is the depths of ungodly egoism. But the Lord is the One who has created man, and acts sovereignly in the deliverance and maintenance of His people from a multitude of enemies. He is to be blest because of this, but especially for His elective choice. The children of Jacob, His spiritual seed, are His special jewels. A people shut up in His possession. This truth must stir the house of Israel to vocalise our praise.

Psalm 135

 1  Praise ye the Lord, the Lord's name praise;
       his servants, praise ye God.
 2  Who stand in God's house, in the courts
       of our God make abode.

 3  Praise ye the Lord, for he is good;
       unto him praises sing:
    Sing praises to his name, because
       it is a pleasant thing.

 4  For Jacob to himself the Lord
       did choose of his good pleasure,
    And he hath chosen Israel
       for his peculiar treasure.

 5  Because I know assuredly
       the Lord is very great,
    And that our Lord above all gods
       in glory hath his seat.

 6  What things soever pleased the Lord,
       that in the heav'n did he,
    And in the earth, the seas, and all
       the places deep that be.

 7  He from the ends of earth doth make
       the vapors to ascend;
    With rain he lightnings makes, and wind
       doth from his treasures send.

 8  Egypt's first-born, from man to beast
 9      who smote. Strange tokens he
    On Phar'oh and his servants sent,
       Egypt, in midst of thee.

10  He smote great nations, slew great kings:
11     Sihon of Heshbon king,
    And Og of Bashan, and to nought
       did Canaan's kingdoms bring:

12  And for a wealthy heritage
       their pleasant land he gave,
    An heritage which Israel,
       his chosen folk, should have.

13  Thy name, O Lord, shall still endure,
       and thy memorial
    With honor shall continued be
       to generations all.

14  For why? the righteous God will judge
       his people righteously;
    Concerning those that do him serve,
       himself repent will he.

15  The idols of the nations
       of silver are and gold,
    And by the hands of men is made
       their fashion and mould.

16  Mouths have they, but they do not speak;
       eyes, but they do not see;
17  Ears have they, but hear not; and in
       their mouths no breathing be.

18  Their makers are like them; so are
       all that on them rely.
19  O Isr'el's house, bless God; bless God,
       O Aaron's family.

20  O bless the Lord, of Levi's house
       ye who his servants are;
    And bless the holy name of God,
       all ye the Lord that fear.

21  And blessed be the Lord our God
       from Zion's holy hill,
    Who dwelleth at Jerusalem.
       The Lord O praise ye still.

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