The Lord’s servant reviews past sufferings in assured hope 

Sometimes Israel denotes the nation, sometimes the church, and on rare occasions the Lord Jesus, e.g. “Out of Egypt have I called my Son.” The psalm obviously depicts the sufferings of God’s people at the hands of their enemies. Right from their birth as a nation, they had known the deep furrows of enmity laid upon them. 

Yet it is also true of our Lord, that from His childhood He experienced the same. Recollect how, as a child He was hunted by Herod, and eventually despised by His own, and ultimately gave His back to the smiters (Isa.50:6). The smiters and ploughers upon Christ and His church shall not prosper, and contrary to Ps.126:6, the mower will not have sufficient in the wicked to bind into sheaves. Indeed, the angel reapers in the last day shall gather the chaff and cast into everlasting fire.

Psalm 129

 1  Oft did they vex me from my youth,
       may Isr'el now declare;
 2  Oft did they vex me from my youth,
       yet not victorious were.

 3  The plowers plowed upon my back;
       they long their furrows drew.
 4  The righteous Lord did cut the cords
       of the ungodly crew.

 5  Let Zion's haters all be turned
       back with confusion.
 6  As grass on houses' tops be they,
       which fades ere it be grown:

 7  Whereof enough to fill his hand
       the mower cannot find;
    Nor can the man his bosom fill,
       whose work is sheaves to bind.

 8  Neither say they who do go by,
       God's blessing on you rest:
    We in the name of God the Lord
       do wish you to be blest.

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