The Lord’s servant thankfully recording past joys, and anticipating future 

Captivity in Babylon gives way to release and return to the homeland. Such was the experience that the writer, maybe Ezra, thought that it seemed like a happy dream. Though it was a literal experience, yet it also describes a future redemption that the Messiah would effect for the church. We were also chain-bound captives, but Christ has delivered us from our prison. He has translated us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, and it is no dream! 

Mourning is turned into laughing, and silence into singing. Unless there is a sowing in intercessory prayer, or preaching the word in and out of season, there will be no fruit nor joy. It is tears that water the good soil, and consequently there will be results with the labourers weighed down with blessed spiritual produce. There shall be a harvest.

Psalm 126

 1  When Zion's bondage God turned back,
       as men that dreamed were we.
 2  Then filled with laughter was our mouth,
       our tongue with melody:

    They 'mong the heathen said, The Lord
       great things for them hath wrought.
 3  The Lord hath done great things for us,
       whence joy to us is brought.

 4  As streams of water in the south,
       our bondage, Lord, recall.
 5  Who sow in tears, a reaping time
       of joy enjoy they shall.

 6  That man who, bearing precious seed,
       in going forth doth mourn,
    He doubtless, bringing back his sheaves,
       rejoicing shall return.

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