The Lord’s servant’s faithful adherence to his faithful God 

To stand in Jerusalem which is situated on the hill of Zion, the surrounding hills being much higher would seem to stand as sentinels, watching protectively over the city. The writer compares that to the safety and security of the church within the all-embracing protection of God. That guardianship is as immovable and enduring as the solidity of mountains. 

Whilst that is true, yet the church will be subject to the rod of affliction, particularly from its opposers, but their dominion of harshness will not continue to rest upon His people. Otherwise, they may be tempted under a persistent discipline of chastening to turn to iniquity. But the upright will know the goodness of God, and consequently there will be peace upon the Israel of God.

Psalm 125

 1  They in the Lord that firmly trust
       shall be like Zion hill,
    Which at no time can be removed,
       but standeth ever still.

 2  As round about Jerusalem
       the mountains stand alway,
    The Lord his folk doth compass so,
       from henceforth and for aye.

 3  For ill men's rod upon the lot
       of just men shall not lie;
    Lest righteous men stretch forth their hands
       unto iniquity.

 4  Do thou to all those that be good
       thy goodness, Lord, impart;
    And do thou good to those that are
       upright within their heart.

 5  But as for such as turn aside
       after their crooked way,
    God shall lead forth with wicked men:
       on Isr'el peace shall stay.

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