The upward look of the Lord’s servant amid contempt 

The first verse is similar to the opening of Psalm 121. The Psalmist’s eyes are fixed upon the true source of power and government, rather than on the powers of evil that pervaded society. 

There is a lovely description of the gaze of the believer to his Lord, which depicts a look of the intensity of dependence, submission, loyalty and devotion. This is also portrayed under the similitude respecting the service of a servant to his master, or a maid to her mistress. The eyes watch the hands of both, so that any gesture of a command is observed quickly and enacted punctually. This conveys the devoted recognising of the authority they were under. 

Such should be our rapt attention and service, knowing that a sovereign Hand protects His servants, and will act against their enemies.

Psalm 123

 1  O thou that dwellest in the heav'ns,
       I lift mine eyes to thee.
 2  Behold, as servants' eyes do look
       their masters' hand to see,

    As handmaid's eyes her mistress' hand;
       so do our eyes attend
    Upon the Lord our God, until
       to us he mercy send.

 3  O Lord, be gracious unto us,
       unto us gracious be;
    Because replenished with contempt
       exceedingly are we.

 4  Our soul is filled with scorn of those
       that at their ease abide,
    And with the insolent contempt
       of those that swell in pride.

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