Praise to Jehovah, the sovereign source of blessings manifold to all that fear His name 

The exact occasion of this psalm is unknown, but it is evident that there was a national calamity, from which the psalmist wanted deliverance. There is great assurance by the psalmist that this would occur, and he prays that God would glorify Himself by performing it. 

When we consider the imposture and futility of idols, that by their very nature and manufacture they are lifeless and helpless, then their makers are as impotent as they are. God is in the Heavens, sovereign and in total rule over all. Three times the church and its ministers are encouraged to “trust in the Lord, for He is their help and shield.” The Father has laid help on One who is mighty, and therefore Christ will be our defence and shield. Deliverance is prayed for before death ensues, otherwise the instrument of praise, the tongue, would be motionless in the grave. But whilst it has breath, it should be employed praising the Lord.

Psalm 115

 1  Not unto us, Lord, not to us,
       but do thou glory take
    Unto thy name, ev'n for thy truth,
       and for thy mercy's sake.

 2  O wherefore should the heathen say,
       Where is their God now gone?
 3  But our God in the heavens is,
       what pleased him he hath done.

 4  Their idols silver are and gold,
       work of men's hands they be.
 5  Mouths have they, but they do not speak;
       and eyes, but do not see;

 6  Ears have they, but they do not hear;
       noses, but savor not;
 7  Hands, feet, but handle not, nor walk;
       nor speak they through their throat.

 8  Like them their makers are, and all
       on them their trust that build.
 9  O Isr'el, trust thou in the Lord,
       he is their help and shield.

10  O Aaron's house, trust in the Lord,
       their help and shield is he.
11  Ye that fear God, trust in the Lord,
       their help and shield he'll be.

12  The Lord of us hath mindful been,
       and he will bless us still:
    He will the house of Isr'el bless,
       bless Aaron's house he will.

13  Both small and great, that fear the Lord,
       he will them surely bless.
14  The Lord will you, you and your seed,
       aye more and more increase.

15  O blessed are ye of the Lord,
       who made the earth and heav'n.
16  The heav'n, ev'n heav'ns, are God's, but he
       earth to men's sons hath giv'n.

17  The dead, nor who to silence go,
       God's praise do not record.
18  But henceforth we for ever will
       bless God. Praise ye the Lord.

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