The Recompense of Messiah and His Seed 

Faith and works are evident in the life of this representative believer. Here, a God-fearing man is delineated for an example to encourage us to follow suit. 

This man knew how to order his house, prosper his children, and is not slothful in his affairs. The riches gained are not necessarily material, but could be spiritual. He is as well, a helpful man to friends and neighbours. Compassion emanates from him, and his light shines before men. His faith makes him a strong man when faced with the unpleasantries of life. But he is also a disliked man, for his life is a testimony against the wicked. So the righteousness that is imputed to him, and also imparted to him by sanctification, marks him out as a godly man. We may fail of this standard through weaknesses and sins, but it remains an aspiration to strive for, through Christ who strengthens us.

Psalm 112

 1  Praise ye the Lord. The man is blessed
       that fears the Lord aright,
    He who in his commandments
       doth greatly take delight.

 2  His seed and offspring powerful
       shall be the earth upon:
    Of upright men blessed shall be
       the generation.

 3  Riches and wealth shall ever be
       within his house in store;
    And his unspotted righteousness
       endures for evermore.

 4  Unto the upright light doth rise,
       though he in darkness be:
    Compassionate, and merciful,
       and righteous, is he.

 5  A good man doth his favor show,
       and doth to others lend:
    He with discretion his affairs
       will guide unto the end.

 6  Surely there is not any thing
       that ever shall him move:
    The righteous man's memorial
       shall everlasting prove.

 7  When he shall evil tidings hear,
       he shall not be afraid:
    His heart is fixed, his confidence
       upon the Lord is stayed.

 8  His heart is firmly stablished,
       afraid he shall not be,
    Until upon his enemies
       he his desire shall see.

 9  He hath dispersed, giv'n to the poor;
       his righteousness shall be
    To ages all; with honor shall
       his horn be raised high.

10  The wicked shall it see, and fret,
       his teeth gnash, melt away:
    What wicked men do most desire
       shall utterly decay.

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