The Righteous One’s Faith under Apparent Disaster
David is the subject of the mischievous designs and evil intentions of his enemies. And his advisors tell him to flee to the mountains for safety. They point out that law and order and the principles of justice and religion were overthrown. The foundations of the political and religious certainties were being destroyed.

But David rebutted such advice, declaring that his trust and confidence was in God. Notwithstanding what was happening in the kingdom, God was still sovereign, and viewed from His holy loftiness all the actions of men. The righteous may be tried in their faith, but God would try the wicked, and they would know the terrors of Sodom and Gomorrah being poured upon them. God loves righteousness, for that is consistent with His nature. And He beholds the upright as righteous, because He can only behold them in the righteousness of Christ.

Psalm 11

1  I in the Lord do put my trust:
       how is it then that ye
    Say to my soul, Flee, as a bird,
       unto your mountain high?

 2  For, lo, the wicked bend their bow,
       their shafts on string they fit,
    That those who upright are in heart
       they privily may hit.

 3  If the foundations be destroyed,
       what hath the righteous done?
 4  God in his holy temple is,
       in heaven is his throne:

    His eyes do see, his eye-lids try
 5     men's sons. The just he proves:
    But his soul hates the wicked man,
       and him that vi'lence loves.

 6  Snares, fire and brimstone, furious storms,
       on sinners he shall rain:
    This, as the portion of their cup,
       doth unto them pertain.

 7  Because the Lord most righteous doth
       in righteousness delight;
    And with a pleasant countenance
       beholdeth the upright.