The Righteous One’s rules of holy government 

Commentators are at variance of which house David is speaking. Some think that it is the tabernacle, others are of the opinion it is his own house. It is sometimes called the Householder’s psalm. Indeed, Philip Henry would have it sung at his family worship on every Sabbath. 

There is a determination of David’s will, and an inclination of his heart to sing to the Lord. The content of his song is mercy and judgment, and no doubt mercy was sung the loudest, and judgment sung the humblest. One has written that the time for singing is now, whilst we have breath and experience. For mercy cannot be sung of in hell, nor judgment in Heaven. 

David’s heart was engaged to the faithful in the land, and coveted their friendship and fellowship. Christian love embraces all those who are truly faithful. If there is union amongst devils, how much more the Lord’s people.

Psalm 101

 1  I mercy will and judgment sing,
       Lord, I will sing to thee.
 2  With wisdom in a perfect way
       shall my behavior be.

    O when, in kindness unto me,
        wilt thou be pleased to come?
    I with a perfect heart will walk
        within my house at home.

 3  I will endure no wicked thing
       before mine eyes to be:
    I hate their work that turn aside,
       it shall not cleave to me.

 4  A stubborn and a froward heart
       depart quite from me shall;
    A person giv'n to wickedness
       I will not know at all.

 5  I'll cut him off that slandereth
       his neighbor privily:
    The haughty heart I will not bear,
       nor him that looketh high.

 6  Upon the faithful of the land
       mine eyes shall be, that they
    May dwell with me: he shall me serve
       that walks in perfect way.

 7  Who of deceit a worker is
       in my house shall not dwell;
    And in my presence shall he not
       remain that lies doth tell.

 8  Yea, all the wicked of the land
       early destroy will I;
    All from God's city to cut off
       that work iniquity.

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