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Should I always qualify my prayer with “If it be thy will…”?  Answer 
Is punctuality really a Christian virtue? Answer 
How do we apply "he that is not with me against me"? Answer 
How to forgive a compulsive gambler many times? Answer 
Is it really right for us to pray for an unbeliever that God will heal him of some physical sickness? Answer 
Is it really necessary for a Christian to be baptised or to partake of the Lord’s Supper? Answer 
Is lay person evangelism the same as preaching? Answer 
Why does the Word of God teaches us that if we regard iniquity in our heart, the Lord will not hear us (Ps 66:18), and that we are to pray for forgiveness (e.g., Mt 6:12)?  Answer 
Is it really wrong to say “goodbye” casually to a friend? Answer 
Owe no man any thing - is it a sin for a believer to borrow or to lend with interest? Answer 
Is it biblical to "be strict with self and lenient with others" ? Answer 
If God is sovereign, how does prayer change things? Answer 
Why do you say in your pastoral prayer that we "constantly sin against God"? Answer 
Questions pertaining to the 8th Commandment Answer 
Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Chinese New Year ? Answer 
How does Scripture show that we always sin when we do what our conscience forbids, although doing what our conscience allows does not always mean that our action is right? Answer 
Should Christians give and receive mandarin oranges and red packets during Chinese New Year? Answer 
Is better for me not to do anything (e.g. attending the means of grace or having fellowship with other Christians) if I cannot do it with a cheerful or grateful heart? Answer 
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