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Members and regular visitors of Pilgrim Covenant Church are encouraged to borrow the books and resources in our library. Below is the latest catalogue update.  You may use your browser to do a Find for any title or author keywords to speed up your search.

Hendriksen, William 1 & 2 Timothy CN
Wiersbe, Warren W. 10 Power Principles for Christian Service CL
Howat, Irene 100 Fascinating Bible Facts  CHILD
Dever, Mark 12 Challenges Churches Face  CHUR
Schmid, Von  A Basket of Flowers CHILD
Austen, Simon A Better Way: Jesus and OT Fulfilment NT
Brown, Alison A Bible Alphabet CHILD
Tong, Daniel A Biblical Approach to Chinese Traditions and Beliefs ISM
Watson, Thomas A Body of Divinity PUR
Power, P. B. A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness CL
Eglin, Lorna  A Boy Of Two Worlds CHILD
Chen, F. C. A Brief Biography of J. Hudson Taylor CN
Carson, D. A. A Call to Spiritual Reformation CL
Riddlebarger, Kim  A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times THEO
Alden, Isabella A Charge to Keep CHILD
Vos, Johannes G. A Christian Introduction to the Religions of the World CN
Schaeffer, Francis A. A Christian Manifesto CHUR
Farenhorst, Christine A Cup of Cold Water CHILD
Wingate, Kenneth B. A Father's Gift - Lessons from Proverbs FAM
Coekin, Richard A Few Good Men CL
Mack, Wayne A A Fight to the Death CL
Eglin, Lorna A Girl Of Two Worlds CHILD
Krummacher, F. W. A Glimpse of the Kingdom of Grace SER
Laney, J. Carl A Guide to Church Discipline CHUR
Oxenden, Aston  A Happy Old Age FAM
Ferguson, Sinclair B. A Heart for God CL
Leithart, Peter J. A House for My Name OT
Belcher, Richard P. A Journey in Grace CAL
Jacobs, Shelia A Life Worth Living - Saying No to Sex/Beating the Bully CL
Olyott, Stuart A Life Worth Living & A Lord Worth Loving OT
Unknown A Little Rebel Becomes A Saint CHILD
Lane, Denis A Man and His God CL
Henry, Matthew A Method of Prayer PUR
Carson, D. A. A Model of Christian Maturity CL
Brooks, Thomas A Mute Christian Under the Rod PUR
Various A Pastor's Counsel  CHUR
Ellsworth, Roger A Promise is a Promise - How God Provides for His People CL
Selvaggio, Anthony A Proverbs Driven Life CL
Tripp, Paul David A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger Than You  CL
Calvin, John & Sadoleto, J A Reformation Debate CAL
Cromarty, James A Sad Little Dog - A Book for Family Reading FAM
Tripp, Paul David A Shelter in the Time of Storm: Meditations on God and Trouble CL
Uprichard, Harry A Son is Given - Christ in Isaiah OT
Uprichard, Harry A Son is Promised - Christ in the Psalms OT
Hellenbroek, A. A Specimen of Divine Truths CN
Wong, Ming Dao A Stone Made Smooth BIO
Berkhof, Louis A Summary of Christian Doctrine CN
Berkhof, Louis A Summary of Christian Doctrine THEO
Alleine, Joseph A Sure Guide to Heaven PUR
Sproul, R. C. A Taste of Heaven - Worship in the Light of Eternity CHUR
Adams, Jay E. A Thirst for Wholeness NT
Love, Christopher A Treatise of Effectual Calling and Election PUR
Wells, Tom A Vision for Missions CHUR
Sproul, R. C. A Walk with Jesus - Enjoying the Company of Christ CL
Ward, Rowland S. A Witness for Christ: The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia HIST
Spurgeon, C. H. Able to the Uttermost: Forgotten Sermons SER
Bunyan, John Acceptable Sacrifice PUR
Keddie, Gordon J. According to Promise: The message of the books of Numbers OT
Williams, Peter Acts: Church on the Move NT
Howat, Irene Adoniram Judson - Danger on the Streets of Gold CHILD
Spurgeon, C. H. Advice for Seekers CL
Waterbury, Jared B. Advice to a Young Christian CL
Anderson, Dick African Adventures  CHILD
Various After Darkness, Light - Essays in Honor of R. C. Sproul CAL
Boda, Mark J. After God's Own Heart - The Gospel According to David OT
Fitzpatrick, Elyse Afternoon of Life FAM
Tripp, Tedd Age of Opportunity FAM
Bunyan, John All Loves Excelling PUR
Spurgeon, C. H. All of Grace CL
Spurgeon, C. H. All of Grace CN
Watson, Thomas All Things for Good PUR
Sproul, R. C. Jr Almighty Over All - Understanding the Sovereignty of God THEO
Edwards, Jonathan Altogether Lovely SER
Farenhorst, Christine Amazing Stories from Times Past CHILD
Banner, Horace Amazon Adventures CHILD
Cox, William E. Amillennialism Today THEO
Alliene, Joseph An Alarm to the Unconverted CN
Ness, Christopher An Antidote against Arminianism CAL
Kik, J. Marcellus An Eschatology of Victory THEO
Cox, William E. An Examination of Dispensationalism ISM
Olevianus, Caspar An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed CONF
Shaw, Robert An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith CONF
Young, E. J. An Introduction to the Old Testament OT
Godfrey, W Robert An Unexpected Journey CAL
Searle, David And Then There Were Nine CL
Bonar, Andrew Andrew Bonar: Diary and Life BIO
Owen, John Apostasy from the Gospel PUR
Philpott, Kent Are you really born again? CL
Benton, Ann Aren't They Lovely when They are Asleep? FAM
MacArthur, John F. Jr. Ashamed of the Gospel - When the Church becomes like the world CHUR
Various Aspects of Sanctification SER
Ryle, J. C. Assurance  THEO
Berkhof, Louis Assurance of Faith THEO
Parsons, Burk (ed) Assured by God THEO
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Authority CL
Maxwell, Sarah Autumn with the Moodys CHILD
Hagopian, David G. Back to Basics - Rediscovering the Richness of the Reformed Faith CAL
Adams, Jay E. Back to the Backboard - Design for a Biblical Christian School CHUR
Beeke, Joel R. Backsliding: Disease and Cure CL
Ward, Rowland S. Baptism in Scripture & History CHUR
Stott, John R.W. Basic Christianity CL
Carson, D. A. Basics for Believers NT
Roberts, Vaughan Battles Christians Face CL
Adams, Jay E. Be careful how you listen CHUR
Temple, John Be Successful; Be Spiritual CL
Kleyn, Diana Bearing Fruit: Stories About Godliness for Children  CHILD
Barth, Jeff Becoming heirs together of the grace of life: A study on Christian marriage  FAM
Plant, Michael Before the Throne of God Above THEO
Harding, Susan Beginning with John's Gospel CHILD
Jeffrey, Peter Believers Need the Gospel CL
Engelsma, David J. Better To Marry FAM
Rosner, Brian Beyond Greed CL
Mayhue, Richard Bible Bootcamp CL
Mackenzie, Carine Bible Stories for Bedtime CHILD
American Tract Society  Bible Truths for Little Children Vol. 1 CHILD
American Tract Society  Bible Truths for Little Children Vol. 2 CHILD
American Tract Society  Bible Truths for Little Children Vol. 3 CHILD
American Tract Society  Bible Truths for Little Children Vol. 4 CHILD
American Tract Society  Bible Truths for Little Children Vol. 5 CHILD
Warfield, B. B. Biblical & Theological Studies THEO
Warfield, B. B. Biblical Doctrines THEO
Hammond, Peter Biblical Principles for Africa CHUR
Cox, William E. Biblical Studies in Final Things THEO
Owen, John Biblical Theology THEO
Vos, Geerhardus Biblical Theology - Old and New Testament THEO
Ferguson, Sinclair B. Big Book of Q & A About Jesus CHILD
Ferguson, Sinclair B. Big Book of Q & A: A Family Devotional Guide to the Christian Faith CHILD
Taylor, Howard Biography of James Hudson Taylor BIO
Welch, Edward T. Blame it on the Brain? CHUR
Leithart, Peter J. Blessed are the Hungry: Meditations on the Lord's Supper CHUR
Ryle, J. C. Boys & Girls Playing CHILD
Allender, Dan / Longman, Tremper   Breaking the Idols of Your Heart: How to Navigate the Temptations of Life CL
Wilson, J. H. Bright Sunset CHILD
Tripp, Paul David Broken-Down House: Living Productively in a World Gone Bad CL
Tidball, Derek J. Builders & Fools CHUR
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Building on the Rock: How God Sent A Dog To Save A Family  CHILD
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Building on the Rock: How God Stopped The Pirates  CHILD
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Building on the Rock: How God Used A Drought and An Umbrella  CHILD
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Building on the Rock: How God Used A Snowdrift  CHILD
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Building on the Rock: How God Used A Thunderstorm  CHILD
Bull, Josiah But Now I See: The Life of John Newton BIO
Manton, Thomas By Faith - Sermons on Hebrews 11 PUR
Chong, Thomas By Grace Elected : By Faith Stay Connected OT
Hefley, James By Their Blood - Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century HIST
Santos, Helen Caleb's Lamb CHILD
Harinck, Cornelius Called to Confess CHUR
Chantry, Walter J. Calling the Sabbath a Delight CHUR
Warfield, B. B. Calvin & Augustine THEO
Helm, Paul Calvin and the Calvinists CAL
McFetridge, N. S. Calvinism in History CAL
Shedd, W. G. T Calvinism: Pure & Mixed CAL
Thomas, Derek Calvin's Teaching on Job OT
Vana, Donna Cambodian Adventures CHILD
Chester, Tim Captured by a Better Vision CL
Good, Bertha Carlos of North Road Camp & Other Stories CHILD
Chua, Linus Catechism in Conversation CONF
Ray, Bruce A. Celebrating the Sabbath - Finding Rest in a Restless World CHUR
Edwards, Jonathan Charity and Its Fruits SER
George, Christian Charles Spurgeon - Prince of Preachers CHILD
Johnston, Mark Child of a King - The Biblical Doctrine of Sonship THEO
Unknown Childhood Years  CHILD
Mackenzie, Carine Children of the Bible CHILD
Ferguson, Sinclair B. Children of the Living God CL
Booth, Robert R. Children of the Promise - The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism CHUR
Havergal, F Ridley  Children's Devotions  CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: A Mother's Prayer CHILD
"Aunt Friendly" Children's Heritage Series: All Can Help CHILD
American Sunday School Union Children's Heritage Series: Am I A Child of God? CHILD
American Sunday School Union Children's Heritage Series: Aunt Margaret's Twelve Stories CHILD
Jones, Charles Children's Heritage Series: Charles Jones the Footman CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: Children of the Bible CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: Christian Stories for Children CHILD
American Tract Society Children's Heritage Series: Collector's Edition CHILD
Dawson, Herbert  Children's Heritage Series: Ears for Little Gleaners CHILD
Wells, Ann R. Children's Heritage Series: First Impressions of God CHILD
"Deaf & Dumb Lady" Children's Heritage Series: Grace Raymond CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: Great Truths for Little Children CHILD
American Tract Society Children's Heritage Series: I Have A Soul CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: Kanousky and David Brainerd CHILD
Alexander, A. H. Children's Heritage Series: Ladies of the Reformation CHILD
Unknown Children's Heritage Series: Lambs Safely Folded CHILD
American Baptist Pub Soc Children's Heritage Series: Lessons for the Young CHILD
Elizabeth, Charlotte  Children's Heritage Series: Patty's Curiosity CHILD
Kingston, W. H. G. Children's Heritage Series: Rescue at the Eleventh Hour CHILD
Gospel Std Baptist Trust Children's Heritage Series: The Diaryman's Daughter CHILD
American Tract Society Children's Heritage Series: The Harvest Home CHILD
Cousin Bessie Children's Heritage Series: The Lighted Way CHILD
Richmond, Legh  Children's Heritage Series: The Negro Servant & the Black Prince CHILD
Ryle, J. C. Children's Heritage Series: The Two Bears CHILD
American Tract Society Children's Heritage Series: The Widow's Son CHILD
Langille, J.H.  Children's Heritage Series: The Young Christian CHILD
More, Hannah Children's Heritage Series: Tom White The Postboy CHILD
Moody, D. L. Children's Stories  CHILD
Ryle, J. C. Children's Stories  CHILD
Coriell, Ron & Rebekah Child's Book of Character Building: Growing Up in God's World Book 1  CHILD
Coriell, Ron & Rebekah Child's Book of Character Building: Growing Up in God's World Book 2 CHILD
Sproul, R. C. Choosing My Religion  CL
Sproul, R. C.  Chosen By God THEO
Sheehan, Robert Chosen for Glory THEO
Philips, Richard D. Chosen In Christ THEO
Bonar, Andrew Christ and His Church in the Book of Psalms OT
Venema, Cornelis P.   Christ and the Future : The Bible's Teaching about the Last Things THEO
Martin, Hugh Christ for Us - Sermons of Hugh Martin SER
Flavel, John Christ knocking at the door of Sinner's Hearts PUR
Van Til, Cornelius Christian Apologetics THEO
Murray, John Christian Baptism CHUR
MacDonald, Donald Christian Experience CL
Various Christian Family Matters FAM
Jeffrey, Peter Christian Handbook THEO
Mackenzie, Catherine Christian Heroiness Just Like You BIO
Ryle, J. C. Christian Leaders of the 18th Century BIO
Adams, Jay E. Christian Living in the Home CN
Adams, Jay E. Christian Living in the Home FAM
Adams, Jay E. Christian Living in the World CL
Binning, Hugh Christian Love PUR
James, John A. Christian Progress CL
Wells, Tom Christian: Take Heart! CL
McGoldrick, James Christianity & Its Competitors ISM
Ramsbottom, B. A. Christmas Evans BIO
Finley, Martha Christmas with Grandma Elsie CHILD
Spurgeon, C. H. Christ's Glorious Achievements: What Jesus has done for you  SER
Ludwig, Charles Chuma Finds a Baby  CHILD
Pennings, Ray Church & Caesar CHUR
Masters, Peter Church Membership in the Bible CHUR
Brown, Paul E. Churches in Trouble: Developing Good Relationships in your Church  CHUR
Bunyan, John Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ PUR
Wells, Tom Come to Me! - An Urgent Invitation to Turn to Christ CL
Ridgeley, Thomas Commentary on the Larger Catechism, Vol. 1 CONF
Ridgeley, Thomas Commentary on the Larger Catechism, Vol. 2 CONF
Adams, Jay E. Commited to Craftmanship CHUR
Van Til, Cornelius Common Grace and the Gospel CAL
Owen, John Communion with God PUR
Packer, J. I. Concise Theology: A Guide to the Historic Christian Beliefs CN
Packer, J. I. Concise Theology: A Guide to the Historic Christian Beliefs THEO
Green, William Henry Conflict & Triumph- The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded OT
Lewis, Gordon R. Confronting the Cults ISM
Azurdia, Arturo G. Connected Christianity - Engaging Culture without Compromise CL
Beeke, Joel Contagious Christian Living CL
Reymond, Robert Contending for the Faith THEO
Fountain, David G. Contending for the Faith - E J Poole-Connor BIO
Spurgeon, C.H. Counsel for Christian Workers CHUR
Golding, Peter Covenant Theology THEO
Davies, Gwyn Covenanting with God  CHUR
Robertson, O. Palmer Covenants : God's Way with His People THEO
Crotts, John  Craftsmen-Skillfully Building Real Wisdom FAM
Prime, Derek Created to Praise CL
Wells, Paul Cross Words THEO
Jackson, David R. Crying Out for Vindication - The Gospel According to Job OT
Beville, Kieran Cultivating Christian Character CL
Gruss, Edmund C. Cults and the Occult ISM
Eyrich, Howard A. / Hines, Bill Curing the Heart - A Model for Biblical Counselling CHUR
Lawson, Michael D is for Depression CL
Morley, Patrick Dad in the Mirror FAM
Law, Henry Daily Prayer and Praise - Vol 1 OT
Law, Henry Daily Prayer and Praise - Vol 2 OT
John Bunyan Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim's Progress  CHILD
Calvin, John Daniel OT
Young, E. J. Daniel OT
Thomas, Geoff Daniel - Servant of God under Four Kings OT
Krummacher, F. W. David - King of Israel OT
Blanchard, John Dealing with Dawkins ISM
Swavely, Dave Decisions, Decisions: How to Make Them CL
Long, Gary Definite Atonement CAL
Steer, Roger Delighted in God - Biography of George Muller BIO
Winter, J. Depression: A Rescue Plan CL
Welch, Edward T. Depression: A Stubborn Darkness--Light for the Path CL
Brown, Paul E. Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary OT
Barclay. Oliver Developing a Christian Mind   CL
Calvin, John Devotions & Prayers of John Calvin CN
Morley, Patrick Devotions for Couples FAM
Appere, Guy Dialogue with God CL
Chao, Charles H. Digest of Reformed Faith CN
Gish, Duane T. Dinosaurs by Design  CHILD
NA Disciples of Christ  CN
Challies, Tim Discipline of Spiritual Discernment  CL
Hughes, R. Kent Disciplines of a Godly Man CL
Bridges, Jerry Disciplines of Grace CL
Sproul, R. C. Discovering the God Who Is  THEO
Mathison, Keith A. Dispensationalism - Rightly Dividing the People of God? ISM
Roberts, Vaughan Distinctives CL
Edwards, Jonathan Distinguishing Marks of the Work of the Holy Spirit CN
Murray, John Divorce FAM
Various Doctrinal Standards, Liturgy and Church Order of Netherlands Reformed Church CONF
Duncan, J. Ligon Does Grace Grow Best in Winter? CL
Sproul, R. C. (Ed) Doubt and Assurance CL
Swindoll, Charles R. Dropping Your Guard CL
Stellman,  Jason J. Dual Citizens: Worship and Life Between the Already and the Not Yet CL
Baxter, Richard Dying Thoughts PUR
Pink, Arthur W. Election and Justification THEO
Pink, Arthur W. Elijah OT
Finley, Martha Elsie and Her Loved Ones CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie and Her Namesakes CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie and the Raymonds CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie at Home CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie at Jon CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie at Nantuckett CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie at the World's Fair CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie at Viamede CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie Dinsmore CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie in the South CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie on the Hudson CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Children CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Friends at Woodburn CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Girlhood CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Holidays at Roselands CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Kith and Kin CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Motherhood CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's New Relations CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Vacation CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Widowhood CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Winter Trip CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Womanhood CHILD
Finley, Martha Elsie's Young Folks CHILD
Adams, Jay E. Encouragement is not Enough CHUR
Calvin, John Ephesians CN
Schortinghuis, Wilhelmus Essential Truths in the Heart of a Christian CL
Sproul, R. C. Essential Truths of the Christian Faith THEO
Hodge, A.A. Evangelical Theology - Lectures on Doctrine THEO
Murray, Iain H. Evangelicalism Divided - A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950-2000 HIST
Conn, Harvie M. Evangelism - Doing Justice and Preaching Grace CHUR
Packer, J. I. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God CN
Chao, Charles H. Evangelistic Sermons CN
Pratt, Richard L. Every Thought Captive - A Study Manual for the Defense of Christian Truth THEO
Schwertley, Brian M. Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense CHUR
Flavel, John Facing Grief PUR
Carson, Herbert Facing Suffering CL
Purves, Jock Fair Sunshine - Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters BIO
Sproul, R. C. Faith Alone THEO
Raymond B Dillord Faith in the face of apostasy- The Gospel according to Elijah & Elisha OT
Rees, Ian Faith in the Furnace CL
George, Timothy Faithful Witness - The Life and Mission of William Carey BIO
Henry, Matthew Family Religion FAM
Smith, B. M. Family Religion FAM
Beeke, Joel R. Family Worship  FAM
Hanko, Herman (ed) Far Above Rubies - Today's Christian Woman FAM
Duncan, J. Ligon Fear Not! Death & the Afterlife from a Christian perspective CL
Benton, Ann Ferdinand - The Engine that Went off the Rails CHILD
Adams, Jay E. Fifty Difficult Passages Explained BS
Piper, John Fifty Reasons why Jesus came to Die THEO
Piper, John Finally Alive THEO
Ryle, J. C. Five English Reformers BIO
Ryle, J. C. Five English Reformers CN
Catherwood, Christopher Five Leading Reformers - Lives at a Watershed of History BIO
Steele, D. N. / Thomas, C. C. Five Points of Calvinism CN
Chua, Dixie Footprints in the Snow BIO
D'Aubigne, J H Merie For God and His People: Ulrich Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation BIO
Wilson, Douglas For Kirk and Covenant - The stalwart courage of John Knox BIO
Huffman, John A. Forgive Us Our Prayers CL
Smallman, Stephen E. Forty Days on the Mountain: Meditations on Knowing God  CL
Foxe, John Foxe's Book of Martyrs BIO
Ganz, Richard Free Indeed - Escaping Bondage and Brokenness for Freedom in Christ CL
Sidwell, Mark Free Indeed - Heroes of Black Christian History HIST
Philip, George Freedom Through Obedience CL
Williams, Peter From Eden to Egypt - Exploring the Genesis Themes OT
Reeder III, Harry L.  From Embers to a Flame CHUR
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn From Fear to Faith: Habakkuk CL
Calvin, John Genesis OT
Young, E. J. Genesis 3 - A Devotional and Expository Study OT
Howat, Irene George Muller: The Children's Champion CHILD
Dallimore, Arnold A. George Whitefield - God's Anointed Servant in the Great Revival of the 18th Century BIO
Valler, Paul Get a life: Winning Choices for Working People  CL
Horne, Rick Get Outta My Face!  FAM
Mathison, Keith A. Given for You CHUR
Owen, John Glorious Freedom PUR
Greenway, Roger S Go and make disciples CHUR
Edwards, Jonathan God at Work? SER
Alexander, J. W. God is Love - Communion Addresses SER
Allis, Oswald T. God Spake by Moses - An Exposition of the Pentateuch OT
Machen, J. Greshem God Transcendent THEO
Hyde, Daniel R. God With Us -Knowing the Mystery of who Jesus is THEO
Brown, Steve God, Are You There?  CL
Kuiper, R. B. God-Centred Evangelism CHUR
Unknown Godliness Is Great Gain CHILD
Beeke, Joel R./ Boorsma, Heidi God's Alphabet for Life CHILD
Roberts, Vaughan God's Big Design - Life as He intends it to be CL
Hanko, Herman C. God's Everlasting Covenant of Grace THEO
MacArthur, John F. Jr. God's High Calling for Women FAM
O'Neil, Jeff God's Hymn Book OT
Culyer, Theodore L. God's Lights on Dark Clouds  CL
Robertson, O. Palmer God's People in the Wilderness - The Church in Hebrews NT
Oliver, Andrew God's Prescription for a Healthy Marriage and Family FAM
Chantry, Walter J. God's Righteous Kingdom - The Law's Connecting with the Gospel CL
Bonar, Horatius God's Way of Holiness CL
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn God's Way, Not Ours - Isaiah 1 OT
Prime, Derek Gofors and Grumps: An AZ of Bible Characters  FAM
Calvin, John Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life CL
Macleod, Kenneth D. Gospel Gleanings for Young People CHILD
Burroughs, Jeremiah Gospel Worship PUR
Farley, William P. Gospel-Powered Parenting FAM
Bunyan, John Grace Abounding to Chief of Sinners BIO
Bunyan, John Grace Abounding to Chief of Sinners CN
Vos, Geerhardus Grace and Glory SER
Calvin, John Grace and its fruits: Selections from John Calvin on the Pastoral Epistles SER
Spurgeon, C. H. Grace Triumphant SER
Sproul, R. C.  Grace Unknown - The Heart of Reformed Theology CAL
Finley, Martha Grandmother Elsie CHILD
Cromarty, James Great Barrier Reef Adventures  CHILD
Roberts, Maurice Great God of Wonders SER
Jeffrey, Peter Great God of Wonders THEO
Hsu, Al Grieving a Suicide CL
White, James R. Grieving our Path bacl to Peace CL
Hustedt, Dennis Grounded in God's Word - Daily Devotions from WSC CONF
Robinson, Simon J. Growing for God CL
Packer, J. I. Growing in Christ  CL
Edwards, Jonathan Growing in God's Spirit  SER
Brett, Murray G. Growing Up in Grace - The Use of Means for Communion with God CL
Chantry, Walter J. Habakkuk- A Wrestler with God OT
Calvin, John Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Haggai OT
Burgess, Stuart Hallmarks of Design ISM
Adams, Jay E. Handbook of Church Discipline CN
Lambregtse, Cornelius He Gathers the Lambs FAM
Ellsworth, Roger He is Altogether Lovely OT
Boice, James M. Hearing God When You Hurt CL
Watson, Thomas Heaven Taken by Storm PUR
Thomas, Derek Help for Hurting Christians - Reflections on Psalms OT
Winslow, Octavius Help Heavenward - Guidance and Strength for the Christian's Life-Journey SER
J. Thornbury Help us to pray CL
Johnson, Dennis E. (ed) Heralds of the King SER
Masters, Peter Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum BS
Reeve, Penny Himalayan Adventures  CHILD
Trumbull, H. Clay Hints on Child Training FAM
Yu, Carver History of Christianity CN
Turansky, Scott / Miller, Joanne  Home Improvement: 8 Tools For Effective Parenting  FAM
Hartman, Edward A. Homeward Bound-Building an attractive Christ-centred family FAM
Various Homosexuality: Christian Truth and Love FAM
Adams, Jay E. Hope for the New Millennium CL
George M Schweb Hope in the midst of a hostile world- The Gospel according to Daniel OT
Edwards, Brian Horizons of Hope BIO
Calvin, John Hosea OT
Lane, Timothy S., Tripp, Paul David  How People Change CL
Philpott, Kent How to Care for your Pastor CHUR
Bobgan, Martin & Deidre How to Counsel from Scripture CHUR
Blanchard, John How to Enjoy Your Bible BS
Mackenzie, Carine How to Handle Your Life CHILD
Mackenzie, Catherine Hudson Taylor - An Adventure Begins CHILD
Boston, Thomas Human Nature in its Fourfold State PUR
Engelsma, David J. Hyper-Calvinism & the Call of the Gospel CAL
Packer, J. I. I Want to be a Christian CN
Gerstner, Edna Idelette: A Novel Based on the Life of Madame John Calvin BIO
Benton, Ann If it's not Too Much Trouble - The Challenge of the Aged Parent FAM
a Kempis, Thomas Imitation of Christ CL
Tremper Longman III Immanuel in our place- Seing Christ in Israel's Worship OT
Boettner, Loraine Immortality THEO
Swindoll, Charles R. Improving Your Serve CL
Campbell, Murdoch In All Their Affliction CL
Sng, Bobby In His Good Time - The Story of the Church in Singapore 1819-1992 HIST
Babcox, Neil In Search for Charismatic Reality ISM
Young, E. J. In the Beginning CN
Campbell, Iain D. In the Care of the Good Shepherd OT
Hammond, Peter In the Killing Fields of Mozambique CHUR
Hoeksema, Herman In the Sanctuary SER
Kuyper, Abraham In the Shadow of Death CL
Owen, John Indwelling Sin in Believers PUR
Crabb, Larry Inside Out CL
Tripp, Tedd Instructing a Child’s Heart  FAM
Blanchard, John Invitation to Live CL
Burroughs, Jeremiah Irenicum: Healing the Divisions Among God's People PUR
Saer, Orlando Iron Sharpens Iron- Leading Bible-Oriented Small Groups That Thrive CHUR
Morris, John Is the Big Bang Biblical: And 99 Other Questions With John Morris ISM
Kuhn, Isobel Isobel Kuhn - By Searching, Nests above the Abyss, In the Arena BIO
Mack, Wayne A It's not Fair-Finding hope when Times are Tough CL
Howat, Irene James Chalmers - The Rainmaker's Friend CHILD
Watson, Thomas Jerusalem's Glory: A Puritan's view of what the church should be PUR
MacMillan, J. Douglas Jesus - Power Without Measure SER
Mackenzie, Carine Jesus and His Kingdom CHILD
Ryken, Philip G. / Boice, James M Jesus on Trial  NT
McDowell, Josh Jesus: A Biblical Defense of His Deity THEO
Howat, Irene Jim Elliot - He is no Fool CHILD
Calvin, John Joel, Amos and Obadiah OT
Harrison, Frank Mott John Bunyan BIO
Cosby, Brian H. John Bunyan - The Journey of a Pilgrim CHILD
Mackenzie, Catherine John Calvin - After Darkness Light CHILD
Godfrey, W Robert John Calvin - Pilgrim and Pastor BIO
Calvin, John John Calvin's Sermons on the Ten Commandments SER
Walsh, Kay John G Paton - South Sea Island Rescue CHILD
Paton, John G. John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides BIO
Howat, Irene John Newton - A Slave Set Free CHILD
Ferguson, Sinclair B. John Owen on the Christian Life PUR
Shenton, Tim John Rogers-Sealed with Blood BIO
Barrett, Ethel John Welch - The Man Who Couldn't be Stopped CHILD
Calvin, John Jonah, Micah and Nahum OT
Gerstner, Edna Jonathan and Sarah: An Uncommon Union BIO
George, Christian Jonathan Edwards - America's Genius CHILD
Edwards, Jonathan Jonathan Edwards on Knowing Christ SER
Bunyan, John Journey to Hell PUR
Motyer, Alec Journey: Psalms for pilgrim people OT
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DeYoung, Kevin Just Do Something CL
Brandon, Guy Just Sex - Is it ever Just Sex? FAM
Traill, Robert Justification Vindicated PUR
Sproul, R. C. Justified by Faith Alone THEO
Maxwell, Steven & Teri Keeping Our Children's Heart FAM
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Hill, Bartha Kiwi Adventures CHILD
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Packer, J. I. Knowing God CN
Packer, J. I. Knowing God THEO
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Beynon, Graham Last Things First THEO
Carr, Francois Lead Your Family in Worship FAM
Schoolland, Marian M. Leading Little Ones to God - A Child's Book of Bible Teachings CHILD
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Kuyper, Abraham Lectures on Calvinism CAL
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Mack, Wayne A. Life in the Father's House - A Member's Guide to the Local Church CHUR
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Wright, Chris Life Through God's Word CL
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Haville, Mark Life's Story- The One That Hasn't Been Told ISM
Mortimer, F. L. Line Upon Line, Vol 1 FAM
Mortimer, F. L. Line Upon Line, Vol 2 FAM
Unknown Little Daisy & the Swearing Class  CHILD
Walton, O. F. Little Nobody and a Wonderful Door CHILD
Edwards, Brian Little People in Paul's Letter BS
Edwards, Brian Little Women in the Bible BS
Dredge, Kath Living 4 God BIO
Ting, John Living Biblically at Work CL
Ting, John Living Biblically in Marriage and Home FAM
Boice, James M. Living By the Book (Psalm 119) OT
Prime, Derek Living for God's Pleasure CL
Rinehart, Stacy & Paula Living for What Really Matters CL
Clowney, Edmund P. Living in Christ's Church CHUR
Iain M Duguid Living in the gap between promise & reality- The Gospel according to Abraham OT
Iain M Duguid Living in the grip of relentless grace- The Gospel in the Lives of Isaac & Jacob OT
Monod, Adolphe Living in the Hope of Glory CL
Swindoll, Charles R. Living on the Ragged Edge CL
Hoeksema, Gertrude Lori BIO
Tripp, Paul David Lost in the Middle CL
Sittser, Gerald L. Love One Another: Becoming the Church Jesus Longs for  CHUR
Colson, Charles Loving God CL
McCall, Larry Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church FAM
Stump, Joseph (Trans) Luther's Catechism CONF
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Adams, Jay E. Maintaining the Delicate Balance in Christian Living CL
Temple, John Make Your Church's Money Work: Achieving Financial Integrity in Your Congregation CHUR
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Ludwig, Charles Man Eaters Don't Knock  CHILD
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Chanski, Mark Manly Dominion in a Passive Purple 4-Ball World FAM
Ash, Christopher Married for God - Making your marriage the best it can be FAM
Catherwood, Christopher Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Chosen by God BIO
Catherwood, Christopher Martyn Lloyd-Jones - From Wales to Westminster CHILD
Davis, Buddy & Kay Marvels of Creation - Magnificent Mammals CHILD
Ropes, Mary  Mary Jones and her Bible  CHILD
Hardyman, Julian Maximum Life: All for the Glory of God CL
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Keller, Timothy J. Ministries of Mercy - The Call of the Jericho Road CHUR
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Swinford, Betty Missionary Stories from around the World CHILD
Eglin. Lorna Missionary Stories on Safari CHILD
Martin, Mildred A Missionary Stories with the Millers  CHILD
Hendriksen, William More Than Conquerors - Revelations CN
Schwertley, Brian M. Musical Intruments in the Public Worship of God CHUR
Wolfe, Paul D. My God Is True! Lessons Learned Along Cancer's Dark Road  BIO
James, Sharon My Heart in His Hands: Ann Judson of Burma BIO
Burke, Ruth Mystery at Ardfuar & Other Stories for Girls CHILD
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Cleave, Derek Open Heart, Open Home: A Practical Guide to Evangelism in the Home CHUR
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Moore, Edwin Nisbet Our Covenant Heritage HIST
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Various Our Sovereign God:Addresses from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1974-1976 THEO
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Cromarty, James Outback Adventures  CHILD
Jeffrey, Peter Overcoming Life's Difficulties: Learning from the Book of Joshua OT
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Cromarty, James Pacific Adventures CHILD
Turansky, Scott / Miller, Joanne  Parenting is Heart Work FAM
Taylor, William Partnership/Philippians NT
Sande, Ken Peacemaking for Families FAM
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Farrar, Steve Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family  FAM
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Newsom, William Chad Polycarp - The Crown of Fire CHILD
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Prime, Derek Practical Prayer CL
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Chantry, Walter J. Praises for the King of Kings CL
Pratt, Richard L. Jr. Pray with your Eyes Open - Looking at God, ourselves and our prayers CL
O, Hallesby Prayer CL
Bunyan, John Prayer PUR
Bevan, Frances Prayers & Promises CHILD
Bakker, Frans Praying Always CL
Thomas, Derek Praying The Saviour's Way CL
Edwards, Jonathan Praying together for Revival SER
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Martin, Mildred A Prudence and the Millers CHILD
Jones, Hywel R. Psalm 119 for Life OT
Houston, Tom Public & Private Morality CL
White, James Pulpit Crimes CHUR
Beeke, Joel R.  Puritan Evangelism CHUR
Barker, William Puritan Profiles BIO
Cleveland, Mark etc Purity Challenge - Training Youth in the Battle for Purity FAM
Edwards, Jonathan Pursuing Holiness in the Lord SER
Horton, Michael Putting Amazing Back into Grace CAL
Spurgeon, C. H. Queen Victoria's Request - A Story of Grace and Mercy CHILD
Banner, Horace Rainforest Adventures CHILD
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Raising Children - God's Way FAM
Ham, Ken / Ham, Steve Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World FAM
Sproul, R. C.  Reason to Believe CL
Sproul, R. C. Reason to Believe CN
Maxwell, Steven Redeeming the Time CL
Murray, John Redemption - Accomplished and Applied CN
Murray, John Redemption - Accomplished and Applied THEO
Van Dyken, Donald Rediscovering Catechism CHUR
Dyken, Donald Van Rediscovering Catechism FAM
Beeke, Joel R. / Kleyn, Diana Reformation Heroes HIST
Trueman, Carl R. Reformation: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow HIST
Beeke, Joel R. / Ferguson Sinclair B. Reformed Confessions Harmonized CONF
Engelsma, David J. Reformed Education - The Christian School as demand of the Covenant CHUR
Finlayson, R. A. Reformed Theological Writings CAL
PRC Ministers Reformed Worship CHUR
Johnson, Terry L. Reformed Worship - Worship that is according to Scripture CHUR
Ryle, J. C. Regeneration THEO
Gwyn-Thomas, John Rejoice…Always! CL
Lane, Tim / Tripp, Paul Relationships: A Mess Worth Making CL
Watson, Thomas Religion Our True Interest PUR
Unknown Religious Stories for Young & Old 1 CHILD
Unknown Religious Stories for Young & Old 2 CHILD
Unknown Religious Stories for Young & Old 3 CHILD
Unknown Religious Stories for Young & Old 4 CHILD
Alexander, J. W. Remember Him CHUR
Colquhoun, John Repentance THEO
Kingston, W. H. G. Rescue at the Eleventh Hour CHILD
Peckham, Colin N. Resisting Temptation  CL
Keller, Timothy J. Resources for Deacons CHUR
Bridges, Jerry Respectable Sins - Confronting the Sins We Tolerate CL
Bacon, Richard Revealed to Babes: Children in the Worship of God CHUR
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Revival - Can we make it happen? CHUR
Burns, William C. Revival Sermons SER
Spurgeon, C. H. Revival Year Sermons CN
MaCrae, Alexander Revivals in the Highlands and Islands in the 19th Century HIST
Duncan, Rabbi Rich Gleanings from Rabbi Duncan SER
Worthington, Kelvin Right on the Money CL
Blanchard, John Right with God CL
Swindoll, Charles R. Rise & Shine: A Wake Up Call CHUR
Finlayson, Linda    Risk Takers: Aventure & Faith CHILD
Finlayson, Linda    Risk Takers: Strength and Devtion CHILD
Downes, Martin Risking the Truth - Handling Error in the Church CHUR
Vos, Johannes G. Roadblocks Limiting Church Effectiveness CN
Howat, Irene Robert Murray-McCheyne - Life is an Adventure CHILD
Various Rock Solid: 12 Gospel Truths to Live By THEO
Ludwig, Charles Rogue Elephant & Man-Eaters Don't Laugh CHILD
Boettner, Loraine Roman Catholicism ISM
Calvin, John Romans CN
Schreiner, Thomas R. Run to Win the Prize - Perseverance in the NT THEO
Welch, Edward T. Running Scared CL
Keddie, John W Running the Race - Eric Liddell BIO
Webster, William Salvation - The Bible and Roman Catholicism ISM
Roberts, Richard Owen (ed) Salvation in Full Color SER
Bryan D Estelle Salvation through judgement & mercy- The Gospel according to Jonah OT
Christopher, Mark Same-Sex Marriage: Is It Really the Same? FAM
Cook, Faith Samuel Rutherford and his friends BIO
Pipa, Joseph A.(Ed) Sanctification - Growing in Grace CL
Prime, Derek Sarah and Paul Go to the Museum: Discover about the Bible and about God CHILD
Prime, Derek Sarah and Paul Make a Scrapbook: Discover About the Lord's Prayer  CHILD
Leahy, Federick S. Satan Cast Out - A study in biblical demonology ISM
Walton, O. F. Saved At Sea  CHILD
Cheeseman, John Saving Grace CAL
Carson, D. A. Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus  NT
Martin, Mildred A School Days with the Millers CHILD
Mackenzie, Catherine Scottish Highland Adventures CHILD
Macleod, John Scottish Theology in Relation to Church History THEO
Sproul, R. C. Scripture Alone THEO
Jeffery, Peter Seeking God CL
MacFarlane, Donald Sermons SER
M'Cheyne, Robert Murray Sermons of Robert Murray M'Cheyne SER
Calvin, John Sermons on the Ten Commandments SER
Morley, Patrick Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror FAM
Tripp, Tedd Shepherding a Child's Heart FAM
Masters, Peter Should Christians Drink? - The Case for Total Abstinence CL
Leyshon, David Sickness, Suffering and Scripture CL
Chantry, Walter J. Signs of the Apostles - Observations on Pentecostalism Old and New ISM
Philpot, J. C. Sin and Salvation SER
Keddie, John W. Sing the Lord's Song CHUR
Su, Albert Single Issue CL
Edwards, Jonathan Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God SER
Edwards, Jonathan Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and 11 more Great Sermons SER
Gurney, Robert Six-Day Creation: Does it matter what you believe? ISM
Houghton, S.M. Sketches from Church History - An illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power HIST
Various So We Preach.. SER
Schwertley, Brian M. Sola Scriptura and the Regulative Principle of Worship CHUR
Krummacher, F. W. Solomon & Shulamite  SER
Macleod, John Some Favourite Books CL
Cook, Faith Sound of Trumpets BIO
Kleyn, Diana Sowing the Seed CHILD
Lessin, Roy Spanking: Why? When? How? FAM
Powlison, David Speaking the Truth in Love CHUR
Jackman, David Spirit of Truth THEO
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn Spiritual Depression - Its Causes and Cures CL
Voetius/Hoornbeeck Spiritual Desertion CL
Sanders, J. Oswald  Spiritual Leadership CHUR
Owen, John Spiritual-Mindedness PUR
Maxwell, Sarah Spring with the Moodys CHILD
Dallimore, Arnold A. Spurgeon - An New Biography  BIO
Murray, Iain H. Spurgeon v. Hyper-Calvinism - The Battle for Gospel Preaching BIO
Spurgeon, C. H. Spurgeon's Sermons on Old Testament Women SER
Various Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints CL
Ellsworth, Roger Standing for God- The Story of Elijah OT
Petty, James C. Step by Step - Divine Guidance for Ordinary Christians CL
Prentiss, Elizabeth Stepping Heavenward BIO
Masters, Peter Steps for Guidance CL
Boll, Shirley Storytime with Aunt Shirley CHILD
Martin, Mildred A Storytime With the Millers  CHILD
Mack, Wayne A. Strengthening your Marriage FAM
Swindoll, Charles R. Strike the Original Match  FAM
Beeke, Joel R. Striving Against Satan CL
Vos, Johannes G. Studies in the Book of Revelation CN
Boettner, Loraine Studies in Theology THEO
Maxwell, Sarah Summer Days with the Moodys CHILD
Maxwell, Sarah Summer with the Moodys CHILD
Royovej, Kristiny Sunshine Country CHILD
Ortlund, Raymond C. Supernatural Living for Natural People NT
Hendriksen, William Survey of the Bible BS
Jen, Isaac Systematic Theology CN
Berkhof, Louis Systematic Theology THEO
Kleyn, Diana Taking Root: Conversion Stories for Children  CHILD
Harding, Susan Tell Me about God - Simple Studies in the Doctrine of God for Children CHILD
Metzger, Will Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by the Whole People CHUR
Owen, John Temptation PUR
Wilson, Dorothy Clarke Ten Fingers for God: The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Brand  BIO
Morley, Patrick Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror FAM
Kuligin, Victor Ten Things I wish Jesus Never Said CL
Smith, Morton H. Testimony - An Introduction to Christian Doctrine THEO
Power, P. B. The "I Wills" of Christ SER
Power, P. B. The "I Wills" of the Psalms SER
Selvaggio, Anthony The 24/7 Christian - Practical Help from the Book of James NT
Gerstner, John The ABC's of Assurance THEO
Martin, Hugh The Abiding Presence SER
Bunyan, John The Acceptable Sacrifice - The Excellency of a Broken Heart PUR
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn The All-Sufficient God SER
Drew, Charles D. The Ancient Love Song - Finding Christ in the Old Testament OT
Various The Answer of a Good Conscience SER
Edwards, Brian The Apostles of Jesus BS
Witherow, Thomas The Apostolic Church - Which is it? CHUR
Various The Apostolic Fathers HIST
Heynen, Ralph The Art of Christian Living CL
Heynen, Ralph The Art of Christian Living CN
Watson, Thomas The Art of Divine Contentment PUR
Boston, Thomas The Art of Man-Fishing CHUR
Perkins, William The Art of Prophesying PUR
Prime, Derek The Ascension: The Shout of the King THEO
Pink, Arthur W. The Attributes of God THEO
Fuller, Andrew The Backslider CL
Helm, Paul The Beginnings - Word and Spirit in Conversion CL
M'Cheyne, Robert Murray The Believer's Joy SER
Tozer, A. W. The Best of A. W. Tozer SER
Unknown The Bible in the Wall CHILD
Kuiper, R. B. The Bible Tells Us So THEO
Rogers, Joyce The Bible's Seven Secrets to Healthy Eating  FAM
Benton, John The Big Picture for Small Churches CHUR
MacArthur, John F. Jr. The Body Dynamic CHUR
McKay, David The Bond of Love: God's Covenantal Relationship with His Church THEO
Reeves, Michael The Breeze of the Centuries HIST
Sibbes, Richard The Bruised Reed PUR
Ward, Rowland S. The Bush Still Burns: The Presbyterian & Reformed Faith in Australia 1788-1988 HIST
Chester, Tim The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness CL
Fernando, Ajith The Call to Joy and Pain CL
Helm, Paul The Callings: The Gospel to the World CL
Hamond, George The Case for Family Worship FAM
Masters, Peter / Whitcomb, John C. The Charismatic Phenomenon ISM
Hall, John The Chief End of Man CONF
Gallaudet, Thomas H. The Child's Book on Repentance CHILD
Gallaudet, Thomas H. The Child's Book on the Fall of Man CHILD
Boettner, Loraine The Christian Attitude Toward War CL
Brownlee, W. C. The Christian Father at Home FAM
Webster, William The Christian Following Christ as Lord CL
Roberts, Maurice The Christian High Calling SER
Ferguson, Sinclair B. The Christian Life - A Doctrinal Introduction CN
Machen, J. Greshem The Christian View of Man THEO
Scudder, Henry The Christian's Daily Walk PUR
Guthrie, William The Christian's Great Interest CN
Guthrie, William The Christian's Great Interest PUR
Legg, John The Church That Christ Built - Encouragement from the Past for Today's Church HIST
Beasley, Robert C. The Commandments of Christ CL
Ryken, Philip Graham (Ed) The Communion of Saints CHUR
Priolo, Lou The Complete Husband - A Practical Guide to Biblical Husbanding FAM
Spurgeon, C. H. The Complete John Ploughman SER
Augustine The Confessions of Saint Augustine BIO
Augustine The Confessions of Saint Augustine BIO
Pipa, Joseph A (Ed) The Covenant - God's Voluntary Condescension THEO
Bridges, Jerry The Crisis of Caring CHUR
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn The Cross CN
Allender, Dan B. The Cry of the Soul - How our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions About God CL
Knecht, Glen  The Day God Made CHUR
Owen, John The Death of Death in the Death of Christ PUR
Love, Christopher The Dejected Soul's Cure PUR
Dever, Mark / Alexander, Paul The Deliberate Church CHUR
Kapic & Gleason (ed) The Devoted Life-An invitation to Puritan classics PUR
Vibert, Simon The Diamond Marriage FAM
MacArthur, John F. Jr. The Divorce Dilemma: God's Last Word on Lasting Commitment FAM
Hammond, Peter The Doctor comes to Lul BIO
Shedd, W. G. T The Doctrine of Endless Punishment THEO
Bavinck, Herman The Doctrine of God THEO
Buchanan, James The Doctrine of Justification THEO
Charnock, Stephen The Doctrine of Regeneration PUR
Watson, Thomas The Doctrine of Repentance PUR
Pink, Arthur W. The Doctrine of Sanctification THEO
Smeaton, George The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit THEO
Bishop, George S. The Doctrines of Grace CAL
Boice, James M. / Ryken, Philip The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel  CAL
Lutzer, Erwin The Doctrines that Divide THEO
Brooks, Richard The Doors of Heaven THEO
Mackenzie, Lachlan The Duke's Daughter CHILD
Watson, Thomas The Duty of Self-Denial PUR
Dickson, David The Elder and His Work CHUR
Eyres, Lawrence R. The Elders of the Church CHUR
Zacharias, Bryan G. The Embattled Christian - William Gurnall and the Puritan view of Spiritual Warfare CL
Beeke, Joel The Epistles of John NT
Lundy, Daniel G. The Ethics of Jesus - The Believer as Salt and Light CL
Peace, Martha The Excellent Wife - A Biblical Perspective FAM
Edwards, Jonathan The Experience that Counts CN
Edwards, Jonathan The Experience that Counts SER
Swinnock, George The Fading of the Flesh and the Flourishing of Faith PUR
Beeke, Joel R. The Family at Church FAM
Johnson, Terry L. The Family Worship Book FAM
Frank, Arnold L The Fear of God - A Forgotten Doctrine THEO
Watson, Thomas The Fight of Faith Crowned - The Remaining Sermons of Thomas Watson PUR
Robertson, O. Palmer The Final Word - A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues and Prophecy Today ISM
Allis, Oswald T. The Five Books of Moses OT
Steele, David N. The Five Points of Calvinism - Define, Defended, Documented CAL
Mackenzie, Carine The Followers of Jesus CHILD
Scott, Thomas The Force of Truth SER
Murray, Iain H. The Forgotten Spurgeon BIO
Briscoe, Stuart The Fruit of the Spirit CL
Whitcomb, John C/Morris, Henry M. The Genesis Flood - The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications ISM
Robertson, O. Palmer The Genesis of Sex - Sexual Relationships in the 1st Book of the Bible FAM
Vaughan, C. R. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit THEO
Kuiper, R. B. The Glorious Body of Christ CHUR
Kuiper, R. B. The Glorious Body of Christ CN
Owen, John The Glory of Christ PUR
MacMillan, J. Douglas The God of All Grace SER
Slane, Rob The God Reality - A Critique of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion THEO
Curry, Allen D. The God We Love & Serve THEO
Haykin, Michael The God Who Draws Near CL
Davies, Samuel The Godly Family: A Series of Essays on the Duties of Parents and Children FAM
Watson, Thomas The Godly Man's Pictures PUR
Goldsworthy, Graeme The Goldsworthy Trillogy: Gospel & Kingdom, Gospel & Wisdom, The Gospel in Revelation BS
MacArthur, John F. Jr. The Gospel According to Jesus CL
MacArthur, John F. Jr. The Gospel According to Jesus CL
Campbell, Iain D. The Gospel According to Ruth OT
Reed, R. C. The Gospel As Taught by Calvin CAL
Anyabwile, Thabiti The Gospel For Muslims CHUR
Marshall, Walter The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification PUR
Owen, John The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded PUR
Cheeseman, John The Grace of God in the Gospel CN
Adams, Jay E. The Grand Demonstration - A Biblical Study of the so-called problem of Evil CL
Jenkins, T. Omri The Great Commission - Go and Make Disciples of All Nations CHUR
Ham, Ken The Great Dinosaur Mystery  CHILD
Ham, Ken The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved  ISM
Watson, Thomas The Great Gain of Godliness PUR
Hammond, Peter The Greatest Century of Missions HIST
Hammond, Peter The Greatest Century of Reformation HIST
Ellsworth, Roger The Guide to Christian Comfort CL
Leahy, Frederick The Hand of God THEO
Roberts, Maurice The Happiness of Heaven SER
Jay, William The Happy Mourner CL
Masters, Peter The Healing Epidemic ISM
Barrs, Jerram The Heart of Prayer CL
Boice, James M. / Ryken, Philip The Heart of the Cross CL
Williamson, G. I. The Heidelberg Catechism - A Study Guide CONF
Macintyre, David The Hidden Life of Prayer CL
Berkhof, Louis The History of Christian Doctrine THEO
Sproul, R. C. The Holiness of God THEO
Owen, John The Holy Spirit PUR
Palmer, Edwin H. The Holy Spirit - His Person and Ministry THEO
Miller, J. R. The Home Beautiful FAM
Murray, John The Imputation of Adam's Sin THEO
Ross, Charles The Inner Sanctuary - An Exposition of John Chapters 13-17 SER
Berkhof, Louis The Inspiration of the Scriptures CN
Bunyan, John The Intercesssion of Christ PUR
Sproul, R. C. The Intimate Marriage FAM
Allender, Dan & Longman, Tremper  The Intimate Mystery: Creating Strength and Beauty in Your Marriage  FAM
Sproul, R. C. The Invisible Hand THEO
McDowell, Josh The Islam Debate ISM
Robertson, O. Palmer The Israel of God - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow THEO
Bridges, Jerry The Joy of Fearing God CL
Kitty, Anthony The King's Castles CHILD
Unknown Christian The Kneeling Christian CL
Brooks, Richard The Lamb is all the Glory - The Book of Revelation NT
Reymond, Robert The Lamb of God THEO
Helm, Paul The Last Things - Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell CL
Beeke, Mary The Law of Kindness: Serving with Heart and Hands CL
Reeder III, Harry L.  The Leadership Dynamic CHUR
Hall, David W. The Legacy of John Calvin CAL
Spurgeon, C. H. The Letters of C. H. Spurgeon BIO
Ham, Ken The Lie: Evolution  ISM
Bratt, John H. The Life & Teaching of John Calvin CN
Murray, Iain H. The Life of Arthur W. Pink BIO
Brainerd, David The Life of David Brainerd BIO
Scougal, Henry The Life of God in the Soul of Man PUR
Unknown The Life of John Bunyan BIO
Beza, Theodore The Life of John Calvin BIO
Sherwood, Mary / Shaw, George The Little Woodman And Other Stories  CHILD
DeHaan, Richard W. The Living God THEO
MacMillan, J. Douglas The Lord our Shepherd SER
Pipa, Joseph A. The Lord's Day CHUR
Watson, Thomas The Lord's Prayer PUR
Witsius, Herman The Lord's Prayer SER
Prime, Derek The Lord's Prayer for Today CL
Maclean, Malcolm The Lord's Supper CHUR
Watson, Thomas The Lord's Supper PUR
Keddie, Gordon J. The Lord's Supper is a Celebration of Grace - What the Bible teaches about Communion CHUR
Morley, Patrick The Man in the Mirror FAM
Various The Man of Business CL
Dennison, James T. The Market Day of the Soul CHUR
Taffin, Jean The Marks of God's Children CL
Ames, William The Marrow of Theology THEO
Adams, Jay E. The Meaning and Mode of Baptism CHUR
Getz, Gene The Measure of a Man FAM
Boettner, Loraine The Millennium THEO
Brown, Charles J The Ministry CHUR
Spring, Gardiner The Mission of Sorrow CL
Gromacki, Robert G. The Modern Tongues Movement ISM
Owen. John The Mortification of Sin PUR
Love, Christopher The Mortified Christian - A Treatise on the Mortificatin of Sin PUR
Flavel, John The Mystery of Providence CN
Flavel, John The Mystery of Providence PUR
Sproul, R. C. The Mystery of the Holy Spirit THEO
Calvin, John The Necessity of Reforming the Church CHUR
Greenway, Roger S. The Pastor-Evangelist - Preacher, Model and Mobilizer for Church Growth CHUR
Teellinck, Willem The Path of True Godliness CL
Sande, Ken The Peacemaker: Student Edition CL
Mortimer, F. L. The Peep of Day - A Family Devotional Guide FAM
Macleod, Kenneth D. The Perfect Mirror - Christian Stories for the Young CHILD
Warfield, B. B. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit THEO
Boettner, Loraine The Person of Christ CN
Bunyan, John The Pilgrim's Progress PUR
Bunyan, John The Pilgrim's Progress PUR
Bunyan, John The Pilgrim's Progress PUR
Ferguson, Sinclair B. The Plan: How God got the Word Ready for Jesus CHILD
Warfield, B. B. The Power of God unto Salvation SER
Bridges, Jerry The Practice of Godliness CL
MacNair, Donald J. The Practices of a Healthy Church - Biblical Strategies for Vibrant Church Life CHUR
Mclntyre, David The Prayer Life of Jesus CL
Ryken, Philip Graham The Prayer of our Lord CL
Baughen, Michael The Prayer Principle CL
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