Mission Work Among The Karen People 

Of North-West Thailand


This mission work was started in 2012 and build upon earlier work started by Pastor Chris Coleborn of Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. The long term objectives are the establishment of faithful reformed churches, families and individuals among the Karen tribal people of Northern Thailand.


  • Training of Karen men for the ministry by equipping them with English language and Reformed Theological training either informally or in a Reformed Bible College.

  • Create a Christian environment for the children to grow through the Christian Hostels for the Primary School students in the village of Go Baw Ta and Secondary School students at Mae La Noi. The provision of accommodation, food and daily needs are through partial contribution by their families and sponsorship. This enables the students from various villages to have an opportunity for education and have a better future.
  • On-site House-parents conduct daily devotions to share the Gospel, teach Bible truths and Psalm singing, as well as train the students in godly living.

  • As good Christian literature in Karen and Thai are limited, Christian books, Catechism and other English materials written by our Pastors are provided.

  • Regular visits by PCC leaders, Mission Committee (PMC) and members to teach and establish relationships with the Karen people.


5:20am –  Family Worship led by House-parents

6:00am –  Perform chores in the Hostel and breakfast

7:10am – Assembly and prayer

7:30am to 4:00pm – In school

4:30pm –  Perform chores in the Hostel and dinner

7:00pm – Family worship and English lesson

8:30pm – Bedtime


There are three ways in which the work of the Hostels may be sponsored:

  1. A sum of S$85 a month is pledged annually and is renewable every year. This is to provide for the food, clothing, housing and education of a specific child. Sponsors can choose to sponsor any of the children that do not have a specific sponsor yet. Sponsors are encouraged to make contact with the child they are sponsoring through letters or visits, and seek to encourage them in their faith in the Lord and in their studies.
  2. A sum of S$85 a month is pledged, as above. However, there is no personal contact. It is put into a general fund that is shared by all the children and youths.
  3. Short term or one off donations that go into the general fund for the running of the Hostels.


For any enquires or sponsorship, do get in touch with Elder Peng Hui or Deacon Dirk at mission@pilgrim-covenant.com.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
PCC Mission Committee

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15