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Wonder-Working Power

There is a contest to discover the strongest man in the world. All sorts of strenuous tests are involved, including pulling a double-decker bus over a certain distance. Each event puts a terrible strain on the contestants. But from the Scripture account, none of the competitors would live alongside Samson, who executed some tremendous feats of strength.

Scientists have now altered their opinion as to which is the strongest creature. They now give the laurel to a certain dung beetle which they have tested. It is estimated that it can push 1141 times its own weight. Fancy you and I trying to push or pull 1141 times our weight! A comparable statistic to the beetle’s endeavour would be for the strongest man to pull 6 Double-deckers!

If the dung beetle’s performance is incredible, what of the One who created it? Almighty God, Divine Omnipotence. The One who created Creation by the Word of His power. Who set the stars in their courses. Whose power raised Christ from the dead, and whose power can raise sinners from being dead in trespasses and sins. The new Creation, which is greater than the first Creation. If any be in Christ he is a new creation. What wonder-working power!