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Will & Testament

I have been sitting writing my will! The thought of it is onerous and disconcerting, but I realise how necessary it is. From sad experience through being an executor of a will in the past, even the best of families can be fragmented over the stipulations therein. 

What the testator settled; how his wishes should be interpreted; how it should be handled, are all the subjects of the whims, opinions, criticisms and preferences of the beneficiaries. But the important thing is, that the terms must be strictly adhered to. 

Where a testament is, there must also of necessity, be the death of a testator, for a testament is of force after men are dead. Christ died, and has left His testament, the terms and directives of which we are to follow and implement. None of us should argue with His directions; none should seek to interpret differently, and none should quarrel that it should be handled in any other way. Nor should His executors - His appointed ministers - be denigrated, as long as they are faithful to the testament, notwithstanding any personal weakness of gifts. As much as is in them, they must be faithful to their calling.