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He Said Unto Her, What wilt thou?

The place where we live is an industrial seaside town, with a population of about 55,000. It has a unique ability to spawn world-renowned actors and politicians. Some would say that there is no difference between the two! Richard Burton, the Shakespearean and Hollywood actor, was a son of the town, as is Sir Anthony Hopkins. The latest rising acting star, is Michael Sheen, OBE. He played Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the film The Queen, and recently has had BAFTA nominations for portraying Sir David Frost in the famous President Nixon interview. 

Mr. Sheen’s mother, who lives near us, on being interviewed on the radio recently, said, “My biggest wish is that he would get a knighthood.” Understandably, she is proud of her son, but it poses the question, what should we really desire for our offspring? Should we covet the plaudits and honours of men, or the blessing of Almighty God? Surely, we should desire that they should rise higher than knighthoods. Rather, we should want them to be princes with God, robed in scarlet, and having crowns of glory upon their heads, and dwelling in His palace. “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God.”