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What Time & Tide Cannot Erode

About three years ago, we had some visitors come to stay with us. Naturally, we took them to see some local beauty spots. One especially fine day we made a trip of about 30 miles to a coastal headland. On the green-topped peninsular, we looked down upon a 3-mile stretch of beach, washed with the green/blue incoming tide. 

Walkers on the sand looked from our vantage point like tiny toy soldiers. Then, we could not fail to notice that someone with a stick, had written in huge letters in the sand, the Scriptural text, John 3:16. It was easily visible to all who looked down upon the scene. As we watched, the flowing tide drew nearer, and began to wash away each letter. Whilst the tide was out, it was a great witness, but then it disappeared under the encroaching waves. 

The great comfort of the believer and of the church is, that though Heaven pass away, and life is eradicated by the tides of time, the Word of the Lord shall endure for ever.