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Welsh Passion

The Welsh rugby team has been progressing through the Rugby World Cup, but have just been knocked out in the semi-final. Rugby is the national sport of Wales, and such has been the impressive performance of a young Welsh side, that the whole nation has been gripped with an unbelievable, intense interest and support. The feeling was so palpable and consuming, that 65,000 supporters travelled to our national stadium in Cardiff to watch the game on three giant screens, as the match was played in New Zealand. There were more there than at the stadium in New Zealand. For weeks everybody has been talking, breathing, living for the success of the team. I have not known anything like it over my long years.

Recently, I have been reading quite a number of books on revival, and especially those in Wales. The experiences and the national interest and fervency were such, that even children were talking about, praying about, and seeking Jesus. The parallel of those times of passion, enthusiasm, ardency and profound feeling that awed the nation, was quite startling. But the difference being, the present intensity of feeling is carnal and of the flesh, whilst the other was a spiritual emotion that was a visitation from Heaven. Oh, that those times would come again, which knew the disbanding of rugby teams, rather than them being lifted up as idols.