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We have a Problem!

Forty years ago, on April 10th Apollo 13 was launched to land on the moon. But on April 13th, when 3,000 miles from its destination, a crisis arose. Lovell, the commander in the command module, radioed back to Earth, “Houston, we have had a problem.”

This was an understatement. They were actually in a position of life and death. An oxygen tank had ruptured in the service module, so that carbon monoxide had built up; oxygen was failing; power had failed, and as a result water could not be produced. And also the heating had failed. They only had rations for two over three days, whereas there were three on board for four days.

The scientists in Houston worked on a solution, and came up with a plan to use the lunar module as a lifeboat for emergency quarters. Then, by using the gravitational pull of the moon and the earth, they could circuit the moon, and then get thrown back to Earth.

My friend, you are in a position of life and death. You cannot save yourself, you need outside help. God can rescue you from your predicament of sin and death, and bring you by His power, to Heaven. Pray, God, I have a problem, help me.