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To Die is Gain

Often people are a little nonplussed as to what to say to someone who is passing through the experience of bereavement. Even Christians can have difficulty expressing themselves in such circumstances. Sometimes we are tongue-tied, or we are afraid to say something spiritual, or that one may start the grieving soul crying. Death mutes us, or disorganises our thoughts.

I am reminded of the story of a believer whose dear wife died after a long life of being together. A friend who came to sympathise, in conveying his condolences, said, “I am so sorry that you lost her.” His reply was, “Oh no, she is not lost, I know exactly where she is, and I will be going to join her.”

The believer, though subject to that sorrow that is common to all, nevertheless has this blessed hope and assurance, that all is well. For has not Christ said, “Where I am there ye may be also.” He has gone to prepare a place for every believer, and so to be with Christ is far better. We know exactly where he or she is.