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Time and Tide

It was a beautiful February day, which is not an association that one generally makes with this month! So my wife and I walked the three grandchildren along the beach, as many others were doing. The sea was nearing full tide, and so we built a sandcastle with a moat just short of the high tide mark. The children were all keyed up waiting for the water to advance and run around the moat. Every seventh wave the sea came nearer and nearer, and the excitement grew greater and greater until the castle was surrounded. They gave a big cheer, and waited until their flagpole, which was a stick, toppled with the surging of a bigger wave. 

My thoughts turned back to my grandmother, who now would be about one hundred and thirty if she had not died. She lived near our beach, as did most of the family. And here I was – a grandfather myself, and the same tide was coming in as when she was young. In and out, year after year, families were born and died. That has been consistent ever since Creation. There is a true saying, “Time and tide wait for no man.” Let us make the most, and the best of time before the tide ebbs and carries us away.