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Threescore & Ten

Four dates drew my attention this week. Cambridge University celebrates its 800th anniversary this year. Just think how many students have passed through its ancient portals over the succeeding generations. It was brought home to me by another date, that this founding of a great seat of learning in 1200 A.D., was at the same time as Genghis Khan marauded the Mongolian steps. In one place at the same time, there was brutality, killing and horror, but in another place there was devotion to the institution of intellectual improvement.

During this same period, a friend phoned me and mentioned that he was thinking of attending a commemoration in Geneva of the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s death. He, being dead, yet speaketh. Then afterwards, a news item reported that an amateur archaelogist in England had uncovered in a field, an urn with 820 gold coins in it. Apparently, they were placed there in 40 BC. It was the biggest find for 150 years in this nation. 

These dates seem long lengths of time to us, but to God, a thousand years is as a day. And whether the time is B.C. or A.D., it can make no impression upon the One who is eternal. But the sons of men are given the average of 70 years (if spared), to turn from sin, and turn to Christ. The Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Friend, time is short; so turn quickly.