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Thor & The Cross

Mention Glanstonbury, and young people immediately know where it is and what happens there.  It is a town in England where an annual rock festival is held.  Thousands camp there, generally wearing wellingtons, for usually it always rains.  Many abuses are present, e.g. drug taking, drink, etc., and it draws all types of hippy, groovy, new age and normal persons.  But the town seems to attract aspects that are in tune with this kind of lifestyle.  One shop that sells products with the dark arts, advertised in its window, this poster:

Your God was nailed to the cross.
My God carries the hammer.

This is a reference to Thor, the mythical Grecian god.  What this person does not comprehend is, that unless the Christ was nailed to the cross, and died, there can be no satisfaction for sin.  Yes, the hammer of Thor was used, for Thor is but a symbol of the wickedness of men, with their pretended righteousness and mythical independence.  But neither the nails nor the grave could hold our blessed Lord.  Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o’er His foes.  And those who trust in His words, and love His atoning work, shall dwell with Him for ever, whilst Glastonbury and the shop will perish.