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The Wedding Supper to be Desired

The media interest in the wedding of Prince William was colossal. There were news reporters, television crews, and correspondents from all over the world. Viewing figures worldwide were estimated at 2 billion, if true. The logistics were enormous, and the policing of the event was a major headache. Over a million people crowded the Mall, which is the main road to the Palace. Remarkably, there were no incidents. As a spectacle, it was a tremendous success, and really only the British could stage-manage such an event. It went without a hitch, with precision, panache and perfection.

Of course, the women viewers were taken up with the guests entering Westminster Abbey in their competing outfits, hats and the personalities involved. There were ambassadors, heads of states, sporting and artistic characters, but also princes and princesses, kings and queens of other nations. All in all, it was a spectacular extravaganza. But it was also of this world, and an occasion for the flesh.

The comforting thing one could derive from it is, that believers have far greater connections. They have been taken from the dunghill, and robed in scarlet. They have been made to walk with princes, and made kings and priests unto God. Designated by God Himself to be joint heirs with Christ. He has clad us with the garments of salvation, and the white linen of the righteousness of the saints. Crowns await us, and a coronation to be experienced. Royal connections that will never be dissolved. Courts of splendour in the Palace of the Great King, and consummately the marriage supper of the Lamb. Who would trade such a position for a place in Buckingham Palace?