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The Way We Think

Our little granddaughter of four years old was asked what she had for lunch in nursery school. She thought and said, “I don’t remember.” She was then told by her grandmother, “Well, try and think.” She looked at my wife and said, “I don’t know how to think.” Then, looking at Grandpa, she said, “Grandpa, tell me how to think.”

That is a really complex question to think about, and to answer. Indeed, this week a new department is being set up at Oxford University to study consciousness. Listening to the head of the project, she explained to the interviewer that the programme involved trying to understand how we think. Some electrical sensors, etc. were to be used. Part of the study involves showing religious icons and items to volunteers, in order to gauge how strong religious beliefs promote their thinking.

But if Christ was presented to them, and they were asked the question, “What think ye of Christ,” could they measure the process of unbelief or of faith in their thoughts? Their experiment will be doomed to failure, for these things are spiritually, not electrically discerned.