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The Walls of Zion

There is a new book published, called, “Singapore Burning.” It is an account of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese. Something like 100,000 allied troops were taken prisoner in that campaign. Whilst the author concedes that the defensive British troops could have been better placed, the Japanese army attacked unexpectedly in the North West through a breach. The thesis of the book argues that the Australian troops abandoned their position, and fled before the enemy, thus leaving a hole or a breach. Through that gap poured the Japanese army.

Now whatever the historical hindsight, it teaches us a lesson. That if a church or the church abandons any position on the walls of Zion, the enemy will come in like a flood. The book of Nehemiah examples this in that every man and woman has a position to maintain, and to fight the good fight in contending for the faith once delivered. Such are the wiles of the devil that he will break through the weakest part, and cause confusion and dishonour. We are counselled to resist the devil, and it is he who will flee.