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The voice of the Floods

Well, it has stopped raining! But it has been continuing for over a week, and caused much damage in places. A village about 29 kilometres from where we live has been hit by a flash flood. Because of a small burst dam in the mountains above, the river, in a matter of moments, overflowed and swept through the houses on the river banks. No-one was injured, but the inhabitants did not have any time at all to rescue any of their belongings. Downstairs all the rooms were ruined, and all their furniture, etc. How awful for the owners. Where do you start to make order out of the chaos? A host of personal catastrophes! 

As in most of these happenings it is considered an act of nature, an accidental freak. Little consideration is given to God’s judgments in the earth. Scant attention, if any at all, would have been given to Psalm 93, where even the elements praise Him and do His bidding. 

                                                                                   The floods, O Lord, have lifted up, 

They lifted up their voice; 

The floods have lifted up their waves, 

And made a mighty noise.