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The Sin of Religion

Recently there has been a discussion on the BBC radio concerning the seven deadly sins. Originally listed by an early pope, the sins were debated weekly by a panel of three. Then when all had been discussed, the public was asked to send in their choice for an eighth deadly sin.

The poll was topped by the sin of Apathy, which was an indicator of the climate of thinking that now prevails. But sadly and disconcertingly in the tenth place of the poll came – religion! It is true that this present age is witnessing upheavals and opposition amongst religious groupings, but I do not think the listener answering the poll meant that by nominating it. There is now a strong and growing humanist atmosphere in the U.K., assisted by an apathy toward religion, and probably that was the impetus behind the votes.

How we need the power of God to come upon us, and to be seen upon us in our churches and individual lives, so that people would be convinced, and they too, would cry, “We would see Jesus.”