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The Remote Cause

Driving across the moorlands in the Isle of Lewis, we admired the changing colours of the heather and the varying hues gracing the numerous lochs. But in the distance we could see three giant windmills that generate electricity. Coming alongside them, they were huge, and their veins like great arms, moved in a circle. Of course, the winds over the island make it an ideal place for such a source of energy.

In talking to an electrical engineer about them, he revealed that they were operated from a small office in Germany. An engineer there controlled the movement, the power, the amount needed or not needed, and all done through his computer. Distance was no obstacle.

It provoked me to think, why is it thought impossible, that God with His infinite attributes of omnipotence, omniscience and wisdom cannot control all the affairs of Earth, from Heaven? His will is done amongst the inhabitants of Earth and the armies of Heaven. Indeed, even the winds come forth from his treasure house.